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How To Answer: What Is Something You’re Really Passionate About?

What is something you’re really passionate about? Animals, politics, football? The possibilities are endless when answering this popular interview question. But what is the ‘right’ passion? Whilst there are no right or wrong choices, there are answers that can put your job chances at risk more so than others (which we discuss later on in the blog).

So, why are you asked this question? Because to get a job you need to be able to demonstrate you are passionate. The less interest you show, the less interested you may be in the job. The interviewer can also find out multiple different things from your answer. They gain a better understanding of how you spend your spare time, your values, beliefs, attitudes and motivations.

It will make your life much easier to talk about something you have a genuine passion for. With the right justification and examples, the interviewer will be able to detect your true interest and what it means to you.

How not to answer

“I’m not a very passionate person.”

You have no passions whatsoever and can’t think of anything on the spot worth mentioning. A lack of preparation can lead to this outcome.

“TV is my passion. If I could, I would watch it all day and night.”

Whilst it’s great you have a passion, mentioning your devotion to TV shows, might not sit well with the interviewer. Unless of course, you are interviewing for a television production company!

“Work is my passion.”

This cliché answer probably won’t impress the interviewer, it lacks depth and a real insight into who you are.

Remember to avoid all mention of controversial topics such as politics, beliefs or anything that could be viewed as offensive.

How to answer

“I have always found interest in creative outlets. My passion grew from the enjoyment I get when creating and designing different images, projects and art.”

This is a perfectly good answer, especially when applying for a creative role. You could take your answer to the next level and provide examples of your past work, to really validate your point.

“I spend my spare time volunteering at a pet shelter, where I help with the feeding, walking and general looking after of the animals. I would definitely call this my passion because it never feels like a chore or an effort. Every week I look forward to helping and I have really got to know the people and animals so well, that it is has become a big part of my life.”

Don’t be afraid to answer with a non-work-related answer. Volunteer work really shows a different side to your personality rather than your professional interview self.

“A passion of mine is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy cooking, trying new healthy foods and keeping fit. I recently signed up for a marathon, to raise money for charity. But by doing so, it has also allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and has given me a fitness goal to aim for within the next year.”

A big achievement like the marathon will show you are serious and passionate about raising money, fitness and working hard for something.

When you talk about something you have a genuine passion for. It makes it much easier to provide examples and explain why you’re interested in it and what it means to you.

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