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How To Answer: “What Is One Strength & One Weakness You Have?”

“What is one strength & one weakness you have?”

Interviewers LOVE to find out what you consider to be your strengths and weaknesses. Because they can understand how well you perceive yourself but also how self-critical you can be.

How to explain a strength

What are you good at and how is this related to the potential job role? Find the balance between arrogance…

“I have loads of strengths and you only want me to name one?”

& overly modest…

My main strength is that I’m good at arriving on time for work.” You can give a better example than that! Sell yourself in an interview because no one else will.

Example strength answer

“My work ethic is my greatest strength. Every role and responsibility I have undertaken I always ensure everything is done to the best of my ability. If I have a deadline I do everything in my power to ensure that the work is done to a high standard and within the timescale. If this means late-nights or early starts this is something I do not hesitate in doing — as long as the end goal is complete.”

How to express a weakness

Everybody has at least one weakness so you’re not going to impress the interviewer by saying you have none! In addition to this, being a perfectionist is also a tired weakness. The interviewer will have probably already heard this answer multiple times that week and it provides no real insight into areas where you believe you can improve. Whilst these positive-negative answers have been popular in the past, we believe explaining a true weakness with an example and how you overcame this is far more effective.

Example weakness answer

“In the past, I was hesitant to ask for additional time or support on big projects. I felt as I was leading the project I needed full control to ensure the specification was met to a high standard. This was my own personal issue as I was fearful more senior members of staff would not delegate me this level of responsibility again if they thought I was incompetent.

However, in one instance the project took longer to complete because of complications outside of my control. So I asked for help from those within my team and they took on some smaller tasks which allowed me to focus on completing the main bulk of the project. Successfully we completed it on time and with great results. Asking for help did not affect my perceived capability but instead proved initiative and a more effective time-management strategy.”

Good luck with your interview! Do you need any more help on how to answer popular interview questions? We can help you out here.

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