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How To Answer: What Can You Do For Us That Other Candidates Can’t?

“What can you do for us that other candidates can’t?”

Or in other words, do you have any additional skills, experience and personal qualities that you believe will help you excel in this role? When you reword the interview question your answer steers more towards what you do have rather than comparing yourself to others. One thing you want to avoid is describing how you are superior to other candidates and they don’t even come close to what you have to offer! Here are some suggestions on how you can answer this question professionally and find the right balance between confident and arrogant.

Highlight your skills and experience

What do you have that puts you ahead of the competition? Think of any examples you can use prior to the interview and express these to the hiring manager. Reflect on what previous co-workers and employers have highlighted as your strengths and use these examples within the interview. For example, if in a previous role you were often left to your own devices when completing a task, you could use this as an example of how you are a self-starter and are someone who has the capability to work well under pressure with little help and guidance.

Don’t discredit other candidates

Be careful whilst expressing what you do have that you do not criticise or make personal comments about other potential candidates. Avoid this by not comparing yourself to others and simply stating what only you can offer. For example, if you got to know another candidate whilst waiting for your interview, what to not do, is mention them to the interviewer. By comparing yourself and stating you have more experience than them in certain areas it will look extremely unprofessional and this is not how the interviewer wants you to answer the question.


“Whilst I am unaware of the specifics other candidates can offer, I know that what I can bring is two years of experience. In a similar role backed up with extensive knowledge within the digital marketing sector. Not only is this a job for me but it is a subject I enjoy and love spending the majority of my time doing. This is also reflected in how I choose to spend my own time. I enjoy maintaining and updating my lifestyle blog with a passion for photography. I create posts that have a reach of over 10,000 monthly users. As this is simply not just a job for me, I believe my passion is reflected in the quality of my work.”


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