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How To Answer: “What Can You Bring To This Role?”

“So what can you bring to the role?”

This interview question is one likely to make you think about the skills and experience you already have. Along with any additional personal qualities, you feel will help you excel within the role. Choosing to express your enthusiasm, past experience and dedication towards the potential position in your answer can sway the interviewer’s decision. But first off, here are some important factors to consider and a couple of example answers to help you along the way!


Before your interview make a note of all the additional qualities you think you could contribute to the new role. These might consist of the standard required skillset for the position. As well as a few additional points that will reflect you as someone who is willing to go above and beyond the basic requirements. To ensure you stand out from other job seekers attending the interview, make sure the examples you choose are relevant to the role and reflect you in a positive and professional light.

Example for the experienced job seeker:

“The extensive knowledge I have within this sector has allowed me to excel in my previous positions. Through this experience, I have learnt how to motivate myself and achieve targets within a fast-paced work environment. Therefore I believe I can bring quick-thinking solutions to any possible problem or situations that may arise. On top of this, I also think my personal qualities have helped me previously to fit into other roles, teams and organisations. Through my excellent communication skills and ability to remain focused – I have gained a great deal of experience that I believe will be successfully utilised within this new role.”

Example for the inexperienced job seeker:

“Recently I have dealt with high-pressured situations within my current role and the time I spent at university. I often worked to tight deadlines with no leeway. As a result of this, I had to ensure I was organised and managed my time effectively to ensure all work was completed on time and to the best of my ability. This has provided me with invaluable skills that I believe can be transferred into this new role. I look forward to the challenge and I am ready to really kick start my career.”

Finally, remember… The interviewer is using this question to assess your dedication and is looking for how you will go about it. Which is especially relevant when choosing an example that will back up your point. Proving that what you’re saying is in fact true and not just another cliche interview answer. Good luck!

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