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How To Answer: “How Would Your Co-workers Describe You?”

How would your co-workers describe you? This is an interview question that can go either way depending on how much you’ve prepared. The interviewer will ask you this question to see how well your answer reflects your personality and your professional self.

Be prepared

If you’re not prepared and you attempt to ‘wing’ this question it can put your chances of getting the job at risk. You may talk more freely and openly revealing a little too much information. To avoid this, you will need to prepare an answer beforehand. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to memorise it word for word but instead have a good understanding of some points you want to express in the interview.

Professional reflection

Will your answer portray you as a professional hard-working individual?

If you choose to use the example of your co-workers describing you as the ‘office prankster’. This probably won’t go down well and will reflect you as someone who constantly jokes around. Not as someone who can knuckle down and get the work done! Even if in your previous role you did manage to do both (pranks and hard work!) you’ll have a tough time convincing the interviewer.

Instead, focus on an answer which demonstrates your hard work, rather than your comedic skills!


“My previous co-workers would describe me as someone who puts their best efforts into everything they do. This is because with any project, deadline or just normal day to day activities I will work until everything is finished and I am happy with the final outcome. I think they would say this because often within my team I would help others with anything they needed so as a group we were all meeting the same deadlines.”

This answer is professional but still, gives the interviewer a sense of your personality. By suggesting you are someone who cares about others, has good communication skills and can work well with others.


If you decide to reply with an answer so far away from the truth that shows no personality, you can come across as a bit robotic! So, express your personality with an example that reflects you as a candidate who is willing to work hard and will fit into the new role well.

Top Tip

Get a feel of the company culture by looking online at their website and social media presence to get a feel for how you will fit into the new role. If you feel like the company has a cool fun vibe about it tailor your answer to include more personality! Whereas if the company has a very serious corporate image then your answer will need to demonstrate this.

How would you answer this popular interview question? Let us know in the comments below or tell us on Twitter @BubbleJobs.

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