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How To Answer: How Well Do You Work With Others?

“So… what makes you a team player?” 

You can expect to hear this question at almost any interview. The interviewer wants to assess how well you will work with others and what qualities you have to offer that will enable you to fit into the potential new team. So if you have either lots of professional experience or are looking to secure your first ‘proper’ job since finishing university. You will have at some point worked within a team or group to achieve a mutual aim.

Explain WHY

Simpling stating you get on well with everyone will not be enough when answering this question. Go into more detail about WHY you think you’re a good team player. What personality traits do you possess that enable you to work well with others? You will need to explain how certain skills allow you to work easily within groups and teams of people.


“I am patient when hearing other peoples ideas and thoughts. Which I believe is a key skill to have when working within a team because it gives me the chance to listen to their input and take a moment to determine how their suggestions match up to my own. I will then offer my own personal suggestions and discuss this further within the team to see how we will achieve a set target. When different visualisations are openly expressed through effective communication, I believe this is when great work is achieved”.


Once you have explained why you think you can work well within a team you will then need to back this up with an example. Where did your example take place? Was it in a previous role where you continually worked within a team? Or was it at university when you worked on a group project? Both explanations are viable when choosing to mention an example.


“In my previous role, a big part of my job was working with others. For example, I would often work alongside developers to express my ideas and thoughts on how I wanted a certain design of our company website. This is when good communication skills were paramount in bringing the designs to life and ensuring my vision was perceived the same by others as the way I saw it.”

End Result

Conclude your answer on a positive note and leave a good lasting impression with the interviewer. You want to show that you are someone who has the ability to get on with others well and are not an individual who will cause conflict and disrupt their current team.

Remember to smile and use open body language to portray a friendly and approachable image. Being viewed as someone who is easy to talk to will allow the interviewer to see how well you will work alongside your potential coworkers.

When answering the question you are subconsciously showcasing your communication skills and personality, which gives the interviewer a greater idea of how you will fit into their company culture.

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