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How To Answer: “Do You Work Better in a Team or Independently?”

Do you work better in a team or independently? This is a tricky interview question. You may already know how to answer this question in two separate parts but combining them together can be difficult. Do you pick a side and hope that’s what the interviewer was looking for? Or do you stay neutral?

How do you work best?

So how do you actually work the best? Before your interview, think of a time where you produced some of your best work. Was this as a result of working alone or as part of a team? This will give you an idea of what kind of worker you are. Then you will hopefully be able to think of an example to use in the interview that proves your workstyle. It is completely fine to choose one working approach over the other if it is something you are certain on. Because you are likely to be happier and more comfortable in a new role where your workstyle aligns with the position. However, sometimes this may mean you miss out on different jobs. For example, if you are a person who prefers to work independently but the hiring manager is looking for someone who can work within a team, it is likely this will affect your job chances. But hey maybe that job won’t have been right for you anyway!

Take points from both sides

If you want to hedge your bets so to speak, you can answer this common interview question by not picking a side. Instead, you can choose to use examples of times when you worked well during both situations. For instance, you may be somebody who enjoys generating new ideas with others and find it harder to do a task like this on your own. However, you then find to actually complete a certain project you prefer to do this individually and find you produce some of your best work when left to your own devices.

Example answer

“I enjoy the communication and ability to bounce off ideas when working in a team. I find it very motivating and effective when generating new ideas. But I also appreciate the independence of completing tasks alone to produce work with more free reign. Personally, for me, the best scenario is working within a team but to also have the flexibility of individual work. With the intention to complete the necessary tasks with one common mutual goal between myself and co-workers.”

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