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How To Answer: “Describe Your Ideal Company To Work For”

How to answer: “Can you describe your ideal company to work for?”

This can be a slightly awkward interview question to answer. You’re currently interviewing for your ideal company, so will it sound cheesy if you mention them in the interview? On the other hand, if you talk about a completely different employer, do you run the risk of offending the interviewer and ruining your job chances altogether?

Don’t panic. We have devised an answer along with some important advice that can help you find the perfect balance between overbearing and uninterested.

Who is your ideal company?

Before the interview, a general good practice when devising an answer is to not mention names. The hiring manager isn’t looking for a specific company but instead, they’d much prefer to hear your reasons why they’re an ideal employer. Some rationales could include how their values and culture align with your own. Therefore through shared beliefs, it creates the potential for better collaboration between the employer and you as the employee.

This makes it that much more important to mention similar values possessed by the company you are interviewing for. Just remember to incorporate this subtly into your answer. Regurgitating the company website can sometimes feel a bit robotic and disingenuous.

What can your ideal company offer you?

The next part of your answer should be how the company can meet your expectations. Briefly describe to the interviewer your ideal work style, working environment and team that will enable you to work to the best of your ability.

To achieve this, research all there is to know about the current company. In order to make a comparison between their day to day work life and your work ethic. For example… The potential role, is an open space working environment? Great! This is where you excel the best because it encourages communication and teamwork.

Example interview answer

“My ideal company is somewhere that offers the opportunity to learn, grow and build upon current skills. In an environment, where my input is valued, ideas acknowledged and all within a place where I can collaborate effectively with those around me to achieve a mutual goal.

I applied for this role, not only because I felt I could confidently take on the tasks and responsibilities but also because of the similarities in values and beliefs I share with this company. I naturally gravitated towards your fundamental value to continually improve and innovate all whilst keeping passion at the heart of your company.”

Good luck with your next interview and if you have any questions, ask in the comments below or on Twitter @BubbleJobs

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