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How Recruiters Can Learn To Work With Tech Rather Than Against It

“In the future robots will replace the recruiter.” With quotes like this, it has many hiring professionals questioning their job security.  With lots of talk of Artificial Intelligence transforming the workforce and jobs being handed over to tech rather than people. AI has become one of the biggest buzzwords in 2017 and has caused plenty of people to question their job security.

Can technology replicate their role and perform it faster and more efficiently? 

Not so fast, instead of replacing the recruiter, technology can help assist them. Through working alongside each other it has the potential to improve the whole hiring process. This can be achieved with the introduction of Augmented Intelligence. Favouring this approach means the technology can support, aid and improve human decision making, rather than replacing it altogether.

Simplify candidate screening

It is a very time-consuming task for a recruiter to have to manually sift through hundreds of job applications. Which can cause them to only quickly scan through each individual CV therefore not gaining a fair judgment on the potential candidate. Hiring technology can review hundreds of applications in seconds. With the capability to present successful candidates though using a faster method than a human could ever achieve alone.

The risk of unconscious bias significantly reduces with the addition of technology in the hiring process. If this does occur it can lead to some candidates being favoured over others. Due to a recruiter’s perceived perception of a person’s personal characteristics, unrelated to the job role.

Improve candidate experience

When recruiters and hiring teams rely on technology to automate the initial screening process, it provides them with more time to invest back into the candidate. This is important because it allows a recruiter to focus on the communicational side of their profession. Candidates want to feel special and treated as an individual rather than just a name on a piece of paper and communication is key to achieving this. Therefore improving their overall candidate experience, which is essential in keeping both employer and candidate happy.

Human input

The final hiring decision is most effective when based on human judgement. Technology can help recruiters sift through job applications and determine the number of appropriate candidates. But ultimately the end decision should rest with a hiring professional. This is because, their thoughts and opinions on different job seekers during the interview stage of the hiring process, provide them with an advantage that can make for an effective hire. They have the ability to understand the candidate on a personal level through high levels of communication and a skill-set that would be hard to replicate through technology.

Recruitment software

Instead of fearing technology recruiters can learn to embrace it. By understanding how it will help them rather than replace them.

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