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How A Candidate Reviews Your Company Prior To An Application

The process candidates go through before submitting their application is essential in understanding how your company is perceived by others. Which can ultimately affect your future chances of attracting the right talent. If your company is associated with negative connotations it is unlikely you will be maximising your chances of obtaining large volumes of applicants to your advertised job roles. This is why knowing HOW a candidate reviews your company can allow you to make adjustments and ensure a positive workplace is reflected.

Online presence

Searching for your company online is probably the first thing the potential candidate will do. Enabling them to assess your current online presence, eg. your website and any social media platforms used. The job-seeker will be likely to make a judgement on your brand and decide whether or not they see themselves working there. This is why it is so important that everything you post online through social media is a true representation of who you are and what you do.

LinkedIn is a great way for a job seeker to find out more about the company and its employees. Helping them decide on how they will fit into the potential role and who they will be working alongside.

NOT having a website can make job seekers question your validity and can cause hesitancy when considering to apply.


The next step job seekers can take is researching any press articles your company is featured in. By searching for any updates online they gain a better understanding of who you are. But also any events that may have occurred within your organisation. This can be either a positive or negative thing dependent on the events that have occurred.

In some cases, no news is good news…


When someone wants to get the inside scoop on your company they can check sites such as Glassdoor to read reviews left by previous employees. They can also use the site to research the interview format your company uses and any questions they will be expected to answer. However, as posts are left anonymously sometimes it may not always be positive feedback. Causing the risk of hindering your brand image.

Word of mouth

Lastly, an offline method candidates use to make a judgement on your company is by word-of-mouth. When thinking about applying for a job the candidate may ask friends or family members if they’ve heard of your company. In attempts to gain input from the people closest to them. This is because their initial thoughts are valuable to the candidate and may have the power to sway their decision when applying for the job.


Although the job seeker may not undertake all of these steps, it is still important to acknowledge that these are some of the potential methods used to evaluate your company. Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter – @BubbleJobs


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