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Graduates: Things To Consider Before Accepting A Job Offer

By Scarlett @BubbleJobs

As a recent graduate myself I understand that desperate urge to get a job that kicks in once you’ve graduated – all your friends are sorted, and you want to be too! This is a completely natural reaction to have, but trust me there’ll be so many other graduates out there in exactly the same boat as you. If you’re struggling with the interview and CV process then have a look at some of our other blogs.

It can be very easy to get a little desperate and accept any job that’s thrown at you (especially if you’ve been looking for a while), however not all jobs may be the right fit, so you need to make sure you think carefully about accepting a job offer. You don’t want to start a job and instantly hate it because you didn’t take a bit of time to weigh up the pros and cons – so I’ve come up with some things you should try to consider before you accept your first graduate job offer.

Does It Have A Training Scheme?

When you start your first ‘proper’ job you’re looking for opportunities to learn and progress because this is the time where you’re essentially laying the foundations for the career ahead of you. Ideally you want to be on some kind of training scheme that will provide clear targets and milestones – so you need to make sure your future employer has some kind of plan in place before you accept a job offer. You don’t want to turn up and find that you’ve been left to do random tasks that won’t actually help you improve.

How Will Your Degree Be Used?

At the end of the day you spent a minimum of three years at university, so it would be silly not to use that degree to a certain extent.   You want to try and add to your degree, so have a look at what jobs will give you a bit of a challenge. You don’t want to be taking a step down, so think carefully about the skills you’ve learnt at uni and how they could complement this job role.

Is The Position Too Senior?

It’s all about getting the right balance; you don’t want to be applying for a job that is a step down but you also want to avoid taking on role that’s far too senior for you. So make sure you discuss the support you’re going to have and what your job role actually entails.

When you first graduate you shouldn’t really be managing something on your own = ideally you want to be learning from a manager, not bumbling through on your own. So make sure your capabilities match what they’re asking, otherwise you may find yourself cutting corners to try and get the job done – this is not how you want to start your first graduate job.

What’s The Commute Like?

It’s easy to think that you’d be able to do an hour commute each way every day, but it’s actually a lot harder than you’d first think. You’ve got to consider what it would be like at rush hour and how much time that would add to your journey.

A long commute can really put a dampener on your new job so make sure you consider how long it will take and what you’d do in bad weather conditions for instance (we all know what the good old British weather can be like). If you’re still not sure about the commute then have a look at our post which outlines what to consider when applying for a job with a long commute.

Do You Like The Company Culture?

This can apply to all job seekers not just graduates, but for your first job especially you want to make sure that you’ll thrive in your environment and get on with your colleagues. You’ll probably get a feel for the company culture just from the interview stages – but you can also find out more by having a look at their social media pages. People often post about what’s going on in their office that day on social media and you can also find out more by having a look at the website.

So there we go, some things for graduates to consider before accepting a job offer – good luck!

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  1. kiran sahu

    very impresive and helpful post for all job seekers who will face this.Many candidates don’t ask such questions before accepting there job offer, but its important ask questions as we spend our lifes maximum and important time in company.So do ask.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts…!!

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