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Graduates: What To Put On Your LinkedIn Profile

By Scarlett @BubbleJobs

The world of social media is now having a big impact on job seekers. They can use sites like LinkedIn to find their perfect job – which can be a brilliant tool to use, especially if the traditional methods of job searching are getting a bit monotonous.

LinkedIn is a free and easy-to-use business networking platform, which means every Tom, Dick and Harry is on it – so in order for you to stand out in the graduate job market you need to put the right content on your profile. It can be very easy to just merge into the background with LinkedIn – remember most recruiters and employers are faced with a lot of graduate CVs each and every day – so you need to really stand out by writing the right things!

I’ve come up with five things graduates should be putting on their LinkedIn profile to help you bag that dream job.

1) A Good Headline/Summary

The headline/summary is the make or break point for a lot of recruiters and employers – they don’t have time to read each profile in detail, so they need to get a feel for you through your summary and headline. This means you want to put the key information about you in that part – it needs to be short and snappy to avoid boring them half to death.

So when you’re writing your headline you want to put keywords in – say you’re looking for a Web Design job, you want to put that keyword in your headline, otherwise you might not show up when recruiters/employers are searching for someone to fit that kind of role. You then want to briefly back up why you would suit that type of job in your summary – you can talk about your attributes and previous experience at university etc. But remember; don’t go into too much detail, this is what your work experience section is for!

2) Relevant Work Experience

If you’ve managed to win over your prospective employer or recruiter, then they’ll probably scroll down and have a better look at your previous experience. This is the section where you fill in your previous job experience that have enhanced your skill set, like your bar work at university or the 4 weeks industry work experience you did whilst at university.

You want to try and tick the boxes for the recruiter or potential employers, so use keywords that relate to the job role you want to go into. Say you want to start a career in digital marketing, you need to be able to write content and you also need some basic knowledge about SEO/PPC, so where possible, you want to show that you can do this. If you’re reading this and freaking out because you don’t have experience then have a look at our blog that will help you out.

3) Add Your Additional Skills

If you think about it, many graduates finish uni with a very similar skillset – a lot of graduates will have done a bit of work experience in their chosen industry and they’ll have had a part-time job at some point. This means that you need to stand out as much as you can – so if you’ve got extra skills like speaking another language or you’ve earned a medal in a certain sport, then add it to your profile. It confirms to your potential employer or recruiter that you’re a proactive person that is looking to improve on themselves.

4) Society Participation

Like I just mentioned, you really want to stand out from the crowd so if you’ve been part of a society at uni or helped organise a project then put it on your LinkedIn profile. You want to show that you’ve made the most of your time at uni – joining a society shows that you’re social person that can multitask and work within a team. So if you’ve done anything like this in the past then get it on your profile.

5) Other Social Media/Platform Links

Social media platforms can be a brilliant way of showcasing your talents, especially if you’re looking for a career in digital. It could be that you’ve written a blog or done some brilliant Photoshop work. Whatever it is, it’s good for a prospective employer to be able to look through – it also makes you a little different, because a lot of candidates make their social media sites completely private.

But remember if you’re looking to share your other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, then you need to make sure you’ve got a clean digital footprint. Not sure what I mean? Have a look at our guide to making your social media platforms squeaky clean.

So there we go; 5 things that graduate job seekers should put on their LinkedIn profile. Good luck!

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  1. John Expert

    Hey, this is a bang on article for the ones who are looking for job. Today Linkedin has been the best platform to look for different types of jobs. Thank you for this useful advice. I hope it will be followed by many people. Keep blogging..

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