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How To Get Your Perfect Graduate Job

By Scarlett @BubbleJobs

Anyone who has completed a University course whilst trying to find a job will be sympathetic with the sheer amount of pressure it may cause.

You find yourself juggling between the degree that needs to be completed (forgetting the dissertation as long as your arm to complete) and the long and at times overwhelming task of bagging that dream job. This is forgetting that part time job you may be grasping onto in order to somehow fund a social life!

As a recent graduate I understand the frustration you may feel, so I’ve put together a list of six things to ensure you keep calm and be a success within the job market!

1) Start As You Mean To Go On

When beginning your final year, you may discover that deadlines seem to be a lifetime away and you’re unsure what all the fuss was about; final year is a piece of cake! DON’T be lulled into a false sense of security! It will be more than likely that your course in the final year will have taken a significant step up and your lecturers will be expecting you to go that extra mile!

This is not all… Many of the graduate scheme deadlines and entry level roles run from November through to February, therefore you will find yourself applying for lots of new and exciting roles as well (this takes time!).

So, in order to avoid your stress level going through the roof, ensure you hit the ground running as soon as your course starts in order to accumulate great job results! Many students won’t have even thought about job applications either, so you get the opportunity to beat your competition!

2) Be Organised

If you haven’t begun applying straight away, don’t panic! Just make sure you have some kind of system in place, whether you’re still at University or have graduated it’s essential to keep organised throughout your job search.

When I first began my job search I applied to the numerous marketing roles that were on offer not taking a second glance back. So a few days went by and I found myself getting phone calls from employers regarding the various roles I had applied for and found that I was unsure what job role they were actually talking about… Not exactly professional hey?!

So learn from my mistakes. Ensure you set up a document on your computer that lists the job you’ve applied for, the job description and the process that application is at. This way when you receive a phone call from a recruiter you’ll be as cool as a cucumber when they ask you any probing questions regarding your suitability for the role!

3) Less is more

I know it’s an exciting time; you’re embarking on your first career step and you can’t wait to get out into the working world, however don’t apply for everything all at once! Take your time and be sure your skill set and personality matches the job role. Once I’d calmed down and stopped applying for every job under the sun, I found myself focusing on the detail of the application and what the employer actually required from me and therefore gaining more interviews!

4) Think Outside The Box!

Even though I’ve just mentioned the importance of matching your skill set to the job role you’re applying for, this might not apply to all roles! If you find yourself looking at a role in a company that you’d love to work for however the role doesn’t quite match up to your criteria; still get in touch! I say this because that is how I managed to get my dream job at Bubble as a Digital Marketing Executive!

Bubble initially advertised for a digital marketing apprentice which didn’t necessarily suit me fully, however I emailed Amy (our tech-savvy Digital Marketing Manager) expressing my interest in the company and what they had to offer. Unfortunately I wasn’t suitable for the role as I didn’t fit the criteria of an apprenticeship. Nevertheless, I got back in touch and explained my passion for digital marketing and to get in touch if anything became available at Bubble… and here I am today writing this blog as an employee for Bubble Jobs!

So, always ensure if you’ve found a role or company that suits you down to the ground, get directly in touch with them and explain why you are particularly attracted to that role or company. Offer to do some work experience to get your foot in the door or contact them through social media. Employers can tell if an employee is particularly passionate about a role and will remember you! It’s all about standing out from the crowd!

5) Experience, Experience, Experience

These are the words that are drilled into you from the start of University countless times and I’m sorry but I’m going to drill slightly further. The job market is a competitive place and experience makes you stand out from the crowd. “But how can I get experience in a business when I am busy trying to complete my degree?” I hear you say… keep calm, this isn’t your only avenue!

University societies offer many roles that enhance your skill sets and allow you to head projects which work placements may not offer! Have a look at your University society list and see what they have to offer; there’s everything from the paintballing club to the knitting society! But in order for these societies to function they need key roles to be filled such as; Secretary, Head of Marketing, Recruitment and many more all of these offer you key skills that you can boast about when it comes to your CV writing and interviews.

I found that employers found it extremely attractive that I had juggled being part of a society whilst finishing my degree when it came to interview time!

6) Be Patient

My final piece of advice is to stay calm and don’t expect instant employment! You will find employers and recruiters may think you’re not suitable for the role, but don’t take it too personally! There are many factors that influence an employer’s decision so just keep going and use the tips I have given you and you will be stepping onto that career path in no time!

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