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How To Get An Edge Over Your Job Competition

Finding a job is competitive business.

According to Glassdoor, on average each corporate job offer attracts 250 CVs/resumes. To which then only 4-6 of those will be invited for an interview. This just shows how competitive it can be in the job market. Therefore it’s important you utilise all available resources to help you stay on top of the competition. Follow our tips to help your application stand out from the rest so you land that dream role!

Create a standout CV

You’re probably tired of hearing this over and over again… but it is really the make or break between a successful and unsuccessful application. Your CV needs to be a reflection of everything you can offer to the new role. Showcase your skills, experience and personality as well as your potential, all within two A4 pages. This can be a challenge but if you keep everything concise within a neat layout you should have no problem.

To make it stand out, you need to do something different from your competition. Presume everyone else applying for the role has the same experience and skills that you have – you need to have that differentiating factor that gets you noticed. For example, if you’re applying for a creative role make sure your CV reflects this. Use this as an opportunity within the formatting to demonstrate your capability and really wow the hiring manager. When uploading your CV attach links to your LinkedIn profile or any other additional resources that back up your application. Such as a link to your blog if you’re applying for a content writer position or if your applying for a web design role, try creating you’re own web page to act as an additional CV.

Still, struggling to make your CV stand out? Try these additional points here!

Go straight to the source

To put yourself above the rest, go straight to the source. Connect with potential hiring managers on LinkedIn and contact them directly asking for any advice they may have to offer you for your application. The worst thing they can say is no or they don’t reply… but the benefits outweigh the negatives. This proactive approach demonstrates initiative, eagerness and a genuine interest in pursuing that role. Their response may also provide you with some invaluable advice you could not have gained without contacting the employer yourself. Instantly the hiring manager becomes familiarised with your name and when it comes to the interview you could have an edge as they are already aware of who you are.

Be ATS ready

Be prepared for the potential employer using some sort of applicant tracking system to filter through job applications. Remember human eyes may not even look at your CV during the first initial stage, so create a CV that caters for both methods. To increase the chances of your CV making it past the first stage, including lots of keywords from the job description, make sure your previous job title(s) match the potential new role and check your skills match that of the job requirement. This will then increase the chances of your CV making it past this first stage and it could result in human eyes actually reviewing your application.

Think outside the box

Do something different to the rest. We’ve heard of job seekers sending their CV to potential employers with an attached tea bag. So they can pour themselves a drink whilst they read their CV! Small memorable gestures like this are quirky and some employers love them! As long as you don’t go OVER the top and start sending expensive gifts to potential employers (which can look like a bribe). It can create an application that makes it hard for employers to forget you (& hopefully for the right reasons!)

We’ve only skimmed the surface with ways you can stand out above the rest, read our other suggestions here.

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