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Finding The Right Fit For Your Company

When it comes to candidate screening, hard skills often play a huge part in deciding who’s the right fit for the role. Qualifications aside, there are lots of other important factors that should be considered too. Although we can’t find the perfect fit for our company, we can try our best to make sure the rest of our employees remain happy when introducing a new hire.

Define Your Company Culture

Defining your company values and beliefs online is a good starting point! Whether it be within the About Us section of your website or made into a downloadable PDF, make sure they are clear. When people research your brand, it’s best to provide them with a clear introduction of who you are, rather than leaving them guessing. Not only is it good to have your values visible for prospective employees but for your existing employees too. It’s good to have somewhere to turn to, a sort of handbook to make sure that your employees are all on the same pagepardon the pun. By presenting candidates with the full shebang, you are allowing them to judge whether your company is right for them from the initial stage of their application process (rather than 2 weeks down the line!)

All In The Advert

To make sure that everyone is in the know, it’s important to craft a clear and informative job description. Instead of only stating what you require from them you should provide an insight into your company background, culture and what your company and the role can bring to them. By providing as much information as possible you will hopefully attract the right kind of candidates. Rather than posting a small, brief list of requirements which may deliver lots of applications, you will hopefully receive higher quality candidates based on the information you have provided. Receiving a smaller but higher quality of candidates will save you time and money during your hiring process and hopefully bring you one step closer to that superstar candidate.

Ask The Right Questions

The interview is your final opportunity to make a good judgement of the candidate. Not just whether their answers fit in with the role but whether you think they’ll fit with the rest of the company. There are a handful of questions that you can ask to get a good feel of what they are like on a personal level. Soft skills help to determine a good and healthy company culture. By hiring for soft skills as well as technical ability, you create a team rather than a group of experts. A team that can get along and communicate well is so important and in turn, boosts productivity within your workplace. It’s not enough for a candidate to be good on paper, you need to assess whether they are good for the rest of your team to avoid any unwanted issues in the future.

Questions worth asking:
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What do you like to do outside of work?
  • Are you a team player?
  • Why do you want to work at this company?
  • How would you describe yourself?
  • How would your friends describe you? and so on.


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