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5 Reasons Why You May Be Struggling To Attract Top Talent

Are you struggling to attract top talent to your company? Are you advertising for current vacancies, however, you’re receiving low-quality applications? Here are some suggestions on how to overcome this and hire great candidates.

Your job advert

Usually, this is the first point of contact between the employer and potential employee. Consequently, it is essential the advert displays all of the relevant information in a clear and concise manner. The employer name and a brief background should be provided with additional information on the position, role requirements and skills and experience necessary to be considered. Present this in a bullet point form, to allow the job seeker to quickly scan through the advert. To also allow them to determine whether or not they should apply.

Employers can often use discriminatory language within their job description without even realising. Take the bias out of your job adverts and avoid using statements such as ‘work with the fun lively young team to meet targets’ as it discriminates against other age groups. Therefore it goes without saying that there should be no mention of, gender, age, race, etc.


Who will see the job advert? This can make all the difference between the type of talent you will attract. If the role is specific to a certain sector choosing a generic job board may not be the best move. Instead, favour a niche job board with a particular audience which will likely result in a better quality hire. Social media is also an effective method in informing your following of a job opening. Since they have already expressed an interest in your company by following your social platforms it could mean that they would be happy to see an opportunity arise.

Unrealistic Expectations

Are you seeking a candidate who has it all but you aren’t willing to offer the right salary? As well as the candidate having to meet your requirements you must also meet there’s and salary expectations can be a make or break decision for some. Be realistic when negotiating a salary with a promising candidate, if you are both on the same page it will likely result in improved employee wellbeing and higher retention rates. Expecting too much from a candidate and not rewarding them for their work will affect your ability to acquire top talent.

Company culture & brand reputation

The company culture perception is important because it will affect your quality of hire. Company culture plays a huge role in reflecting your brand, values and beliefs onto potential candidates. By learning to express this through online methods such as social media and your website, potential employees can access this information and determine whether they can envisage themselves working there. If this is a negative perception or no information is readily available to the job seeker they can become hesitant when choosing to apply for a job at the company.


If you struggle with finding the ‘perfect’ candidate it could be because that they simply don’t exist. Having unrealistic high expectations means you can waste a lot of time hunting for something that isn’t there. Be flexible during your hiring process and understand that each candidate has their strengths and weaknesses. For example, a potential candidate who fits all of your job requirements lives too far away to be able to commute on a daily basis. They request the opportunity for remote working since they aren’t able to relocate fully yet. Instead of disregarding them straight away to find another candidate who lives closer, be flexible in your approach and offer them the opportunity of home-based working for a compromise of one day a week. Unless of course, this isn;t possible! But having the ability to compromise will help keep both you and employee happy.

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