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Life As A Digital Marketing Assistant

If you work in Digital Marketing, you’ll be familiar with these questions…

“So, do you just sit on Facebook all day?”
“What is it that you actually do?”
“So, is your job really easy?”

Because social media has become such a key part of digital marketing and social media is new (to some people) it’s difficult for people to get their head round the fact that it is actually a career. People assume that Social media management is easy, fun and requires minimal amounts of work… You are wrong! 

Social Media for Business

It’s a lot easier to set up a business in this day and age. The simple click of a button and you can promote your Facebook page to millions of people; agelocation and gender specific. No more ‘word of mouth’ methods of marketing, advertising etc. It’s now as simple as signing up to social networking sites and using all the right hashtags.

Now, because Social Media is so important for business, the people in charge of it must be? Right? Yes we are!  

People underestimate how important social media presence is for companies. When someone Google’s your company and four different forms of contact come up, that’s obviously going to be more favourable than one. They can follow you on Twitter, like your Facebook page, subscribe to your YouTube and visit your Website. All of these different sites offer personal ways for customers to interact with your brand.

Social media isn’t just good for communication purposes but also brand image. We all know from experience, when you Google a brand and get immediate results, it makes you happy. You don’t have to search for hours trying to find out what they are, what they do and how to get in touch. Their digital marketing team did that for you.

We are part of a very demanding generation and companies must live up to the standards of their audiences. So, whether you work for a big name brand or a tiny start up, make sure they are present everywhere they need to be. Even if you think you are doing just fine without social media, I’m sure the minute you introduce it to your marketing strategy your customer engagement will increase and open lots of new opportunities.


The Secret Ingredients

Although lot’s of your time as a Digital Marketing assistant is spent scheduling tweets, following relevant people and creating worthwhile content. There are a few significant techniques that play a major role in the success of campaigns and business strategies. The thought behind the processes are obviously down to the Digital Marketing Assistants (again). You are probably thinking, what’s so hard about that? Well, it’s not just down to what you post, it’s about the timethe platform you are using, who you are reaching out to and what message you are trying to get across. 

Lot’s of time is spent deciding what time will be best for that age group, what hashtags to use and so on. The thing that people forget is that they are constantly being bombarded with adverts, click bait nonsense fools them and they interact with companies through social media ALL THE TIME. Although you think you are better than that marketing campaign, I’m sure you noticed it, you read it and you remember what it said? That my friend, is a successful marketing campaign. It made you look and it made you internalise the content.

So, who are the clever people behind these campaigns? The people that fooled you into thinking about their brand. That’s us!

So, if it was digital marketing that you were looking to pursue a career in, go for it. Ignore the silly stigma that sometimes comes with it and embrace that it is an important part of our lives. Social Media is all around us, therefore it’s a pretty important job. It’s a demanding and fast growing industry, we are the ones that keep up with it and we are the ones that get your attention. YAY US!  Thank you for reading and good luck. 

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