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How To Choose Between Two Equally-Qualified Candidates

By Lauren @BubbleJobs


Very often in recruitment, you have a situation where you’re faced with the problem of choosing between two equally-qualified candidates for a particular role.

While this is a great position to be in (after all who wouldn’t want to choose between two great candidates?!), it’s also an agonising one.

If you make the right decision then great, but if you make the wrong one, it can have a long-lasting effect on the business.

There’s no secret formula to choosing the right candidate, but there are a few things you can consider when making your decision, and we’ve listed these below.

1) Think About Company Culture

While a candidate might be perfect for the role on paper, it’s important to consider whether they would fit in with the company culture.

A culture fit is just as important as qualifications or experience, so getting a good personality match is a vital part of the recruitment process.

Have a look at the sort of employers they’ve worked for in the past, and if it seems like they have a similar culture to your business then you could be on to a winner.

2) Consider Their Enthusiasm

One of the best attributes a candidate can have is enthusiasm for their role and the business, so this could be something to consider when choosing which candidate to hire.

Think back to the interview and what sort of questions each candidate asked about the role – if one was asking more about benefits and perks while the other was more interested in the training, job responsibilities and company progression, the it’s clear that the latter one is more interested in bringing something to the business, while the other is more concerned with what they can get out of the company.

3) Assess Their Commitment

Another thing to consider when choosing between two qualified candidates is whether they’re in it for the long haul, or if they only view this opportunity as a stepping stone onto bigger and better things.

Think about how they spoke about their career aspirations in the interview: if one talked about wanting to grow within the business and identified internal roles they’d like to work up to, then you know they’ll stick around for a while.

However, if one candidate talked about wanting to – for example – set up their own business or move on, you know they’re not looking for a permanent role and could leave at any moment.

4) Trust Your Instinct

Sometimes, no matter how long you spend looking at the pros and cons of two candidates, you simply can’t choose one over the other.

This is the time when you should really follow your gut and trust your instinct when it comes to who you should hire.

Naturally, you’ll have a feeling that one of them will fit better within the company, or maybe you simply get on with them better, and it’s okay to follow these instincts because you’re the one that’ll be working with them!


So there we go, some tips on how to to choose between two equally-qualified candidates! Do you agree with these tips or have any of your own?

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @BubbleJobs! 🙂

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