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How To Choose Between Two Job Offers

Get you! Not one but TWO job offers. You clearly did your research, talked the talk and won over the employers with your impressive experience and skills. Now, the only problem is, you can’t decide which job is better for you! To help you make that final decision, we have put together some factors that are worth considering before you accept one of the offers.

The Job Itself

It’s important that you know all you need to know about each job. What an average day looks like, your level of responsibility, how far your commute is, growth opportunities and who you are working with; company values and reputation. The job itself is the most important part because there’s no point in signing up for something that you will grow to hate.

Look at it this way, one job offer may be really appealing in terms of salary, holidays and working hours but will you be satisfied with the actual job and does it offer room to progress? It’s important to weigh up all of the pros and cons to make sure that you make the right decision based on your own future rather than just thinking of what’s good right now. The interview is the perfect opportunity to familiarise yourself with the company and the job role, so make sure you prepare some insightful questions ready to ask the interviewer and listen carefully throughout!

The Company

Making sure that the company is right for you is very important. Familiarise yourself with the company culture as much as you can prior to making your final decision. You can do this by viewing their social media profiles, reading the ‘about us’ section on their website or even by asking questions in the interview. It’s important to look out for any tell-tale signs that the culture isn’t for you. For instance, does everyone seem to get along? Is the hiring manager friendly and approachable?

If you don’t have much opportunity to see what the team are like or to make any judgements via social media. It might be worth reading employee reviews through Glassdoor or other websites. Are there any reviews that may be a bit off-putting? Alternatively, did you immediately get on with the hiring manager? Can you see yourself working with the people in the office? Although the job might sound great, it’s important to consider the company and the team you will be working for/with.

The Perks

Although we are always expressing that you shouldn’t just choose a job solely based on the perks. It’s nice to weigh up the benefits of each job and see which one strikes your fancy. Especially if you are finding it really difficult to decide between the two. So, if one job has an attractive flexible work opportunity that would fit in well with your hectic family schedule then take this into consideration and investigate further! Just be sure that the perks don’t end up being the only winning factor – as we mentioned, you need to be sure that the job itself is right for you.

If one job offer has a significantly better salary package than the other but you prefer the sound of the job, it’s time to put your negotiating skills to the test. If the company is willing to bump up your pay to get you through the door, it shows they are genuinely interested in hiring you! 


  1. Arnika Joshi

    thanks for the info it actually helped.

  2. Mayur kohli

    Worth reading blog!
    You have shared great blog here which will be helpful for job seekers who having situation like two job offers at the same time, I have been gone through the same phase and had confusion. After reading your blog it look so simple to come with the solution.
    Thanks a lot!

  3. Shalmali Bapat

    Thanks a lot for clearing my doubt about this situation as i have two job offers in my hand and i really don’t know on what basis i should compare these offers but after reading this article got the idea and going to decide according to points you have provided here. Kudos to this article.

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