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Bad Recruiter Habits That Candidates Can’t Stand

Are any of these bad recruiter habits something you do that are driving candidates crazy?

Don’t put off potential candidates and avoid making these mistakes! If you recognise any of these habits as ones you practice regularly – now’s the time to change!

“It’s ringing but nobody is there”

Phone calls are a great way for recruiters to understand the candidate’s needs and allow them to express their job desires.

Which are useful if a candidate chooses to answer the phone. However, if they choose not to answer and you continually call them – the job seeker may become increasingly frustrated. Sometimes in these cases, it is best you ‘take the hint.’ Continually calling someone who doesn’t answer could reflect you negatively and you could be perceived as a cold calling ‘salesy’ type of agency which doesn’t always reflect your brand image positively.

Irrelevant jobs

Presenting jobs that do not match the candidate’s skillset can be a complete waste of time. If you choose to focus on the potential commission from placing a candidate rather than listening to what they actually want it could result in an unhappy jobseeker. The candidate wants YOUR help and may look elsewhere to find a different agency if they feel you are not up to scratch.

Altering their CV without permission

No matter how much you want the candidate to get the job, switching around parts of their CV or changing their previous job titles without notifying them looks untrustworthy and can cause annoyance. If you do plan to do this it is important t0 ask for permission first. No matter how much you want to place a candidate it’s not worth the risk of going behind their back and causing irritation.

Leaving the candidate ‘to it’

This point depends on the candidate. Some may want to be left alone and wish not to be contacted regularly for updates. Whereas others may feel a bit left in the dark if you do not follow up with them before or after an interview. It is always a nice touch to find out how a successfully placed candidate is getting on in their new role – to really show an interest. By doing this and building a strong recruiter – candidate relationship, they will be more likely to use your agency in the future or even refer your services to others.

Withholding the truth

Hiding important aspects of a potential job role is risky and will not work in your favour. The candidate wants you to be honest and open about the possible roles they would be qualified for. Lying to the candidate and providing them with job opportunities that simply don’t exist will result in them feeling confused. Which can cause reluctance when they consider working with you further.  You’re there to help not offer unrealistic job opportunities.

Poor Communication

Not listening to the candidate’s job preferences can occur if you treat them as a sales pawn. Focusing on using them as a way to reach a target rather than as an actual person, doesn’t always work. They will start to pick up on this and feel annoyed that you’re not listening to what they truly want. Sending them off to interviews unrelated to their skills and experience will only cause annoyance. They will be able to tell your only mission is to place a candidate regardless of where it is. To avoid this, express a sincere concern into their job area of interest by listening to what they want.


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