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Avoiding Bias In Your Recruitment Process

Although we may have tackled many obstacles when it comes to discrimination. We celebrate Gay rights, Feminism, Anti-Racism etc. For some reason, discrimination still takes place during the recruitment process.

Have you ever applied for a job and come across a list of a million personal questions? Did you feel slightly uncomfortable providing them?

Most importantly, Are you doing that to your future employees?

The Equality Act 2010

The act worked to limit the amount that a company can ask about a candidate before considering them for the job.

For example, if you shortlist based on skills and experience, you can, therefore, look further into their application for disability etc (Only if this does not fit into the job)

A positive action to this would be to specify why this role requires someone without a certain disability. For example, heavy goods handling may not suit someone who is severely disabled.

So, as long as the questioning is being asked for a reason, we feel that it is fair.

The Biased Recruiter

Even though these rules are in place, there is a lot of discrepancy about whether they are actually followed.

People may unconsciously favour women over a man, visa verse.

It can sometimes depend on personal preference and that is why sometimes it is disadvantageous using a recruiter.

As a way to prevent this, as an employer, you should make sure that you have rules in place and perhaps a workshop to ensure that people of all shapes, sizes, sexes, races and sexual orientation can be fairly considered.

The Biased Company

There have been many stories of bosses telling their recruiter to specifically hire a man over women. (visa verse)

Perhaps the company do not have diversity within their staff, so therefore their expectations of candidates may unconsciously play on your mind.

Behind the scenes, many pep talks could go on to discuss who they want, want they need to look like etc.

What we want to express is that this certainly should not be happening in this day and age.

The Answer!

We have come across some excellent software, it enables you to filter through millions of resumes within less than a minute. Not only that, who can be more unbiased than a machine?

What’s best is that it prioritises skills and experience.

No judging whether a name is male or female, evaluating your age or asking what your sexual orientation is.

The software is called CiiVSOFT and we think it’s the gateway to a better and fairer future. Plus, you save so much time and money.

The Pros of CiiVSOFT:

  • Automation – Their solutions deliver improvements and automation to existing recruitment technology.
  • White-label or branded – They offer our solutions as white-label or branded products, it’s your choice.
  • Integration – Unlike other 3rd party apps, their solutions are truly integrated with their partner’s platforms.
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