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How To Answer: “Why Do You Want To Work Here?”

Of course, all interviews are different but there are certain questions that are very likely to crop up. We think “Why do you want to work here?” is definitely one of them, so it’s important to prepare an impressive answer.

Familiarise Yourself With The Company

This is the perfect opportunity to show the interviewer how much you know about the company and the role. By doing your research you can get a good feel of whether you would like to work for that company or not by looking at their social media and other content they have available. It’s really important that you do familiarise yourself with different facts and figures about the company to make sure that you are answering their question properly.

Tailor Your Answer

Just like a CV, it’s important that the answers you provide are tailored to each company. By tailoring your answers to their company you are displaying your keen interest in their company and that you have taken the time to properly prepare for the interview. If you provide a generic response, it will come across as though you are trying to ‘wing it’ and as though you haven’t prepared as well as you could. If it’s your “dream job and dream company” then explain why to show them what you know about their company and what it means to you.

Mention Career Goals

To successfully answer this question, you may choose to discuss your career goals and how their company ties in with them. Not only will you look really self-motivated, it will make you appear as a superstar candidate who’s planning to stay. Employers would much rather take people on who they think will stay in their company for a while rather than taking on a risky candidate who likes to job-hop. If you know they have lots of growth opportunities, then bring this in your answer to show how motivated you are to grow within their company.

Avoid Being TOO Honest

Although we all like a nice reward now and then and a nice pay cheque, we would avoid basing your answers on these. Employers ask this question so that they can judge whether you are right for their company. By basing your answer on perks and rewards, it will make you come across as though you only have your own interests in mind – not the companies! So it’s important to provide an answer that reveals what you can bring to their company, not just what you hope to get from it.


“I follow your brand on social media, so when I came across the Digital Marketing position I was over the moon. I love photography, particularly portrait photography and the fact that the role is digital marketing and photography combined really won me over. From following your social media, I often keep up with the different charity projects you do each year. To become part of such a giving organisation, who really value teamwork and collaboration seems so rewarding. I am always getting involved in different fundraising events so I feel that I could bring the right kind of energy and enthusiasm to your team.” 

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