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HOW TO ANSWER: What Are You Looking For In Your Next Job?

“What are you looking for in your next job?”

This is a great opportunity to really show the employer that their company is the perfect match for you. They want to see that the role that they are recruiting for matches what you are looking for. By asking this question, they can make a good judgement about how well you will perform, whether you are the right fit and whether they can see you settling.

How To Answer:

Start by looking at their job advert. Pick out the skills, tasks and opportunities that they are advertising. Now, are these things that you are looking for in your next role? Write down what you are looking for to give yourself a clear idea. That way you can match what the company are looking for to your own desires.

Provide an answer that clearly displays that you will benefit their company, they want to know that you will succeed in the role!

Example 1: “I am looking for a role that provides the opportunity to grow. I am always eager to learn and ready to take on new challenges. By accepting new challenges and learning new skills on the way, I will be able to take on more responsibility. Therefore, a role that provides training & growth opportunities would be ideal.”  

Example 2: “I am looking for a new opportunity where teamwork is a significant part of the company culture.  I love working as part of a team in my current position and I would love to continue this into my new role. I hope to eventually work on my team-building abilities. Acquiring these skills will help me to eventually progress into a higher level role such as a supervisor.”

How Not To Answer:

There are lots of generic ways of answering this question so it’s best to avoid sounding like ‘everyone else’.

Common Response: “I am looking to progress in a big and exciting company.” Yeah, they may be a ‘big’ and ‘exciting’ company but what can you bring to them?

A Very Bad Response: “I am hoping to build my own company within the next 12 months. For the time being, I am looking for a role that is fun, easy and pays the bills.” – First of all, you are showing zero commitment. Secondly, by mentioning ‘easy’ you come across lazy and you underestimate the role. Lastly, ‘fun’ and ‘money’ are big no’s, what’s professional about that?!

You need to make sure your answer reflects what you are looking for and how this will benefit them.

A few important things to remember are to avoid mentioning salary – if you tell them that you are looking for a higher salary in your new role, they will feel as though you aren’t passionate or dedicated to the role and that you are only there for the money. This applies to company benefits, mentioning that you are looking to work somewhere with lots of perks or more holidays doesn’t offer any benefits to the company, why would they want to hire you?! 

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