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How To Answer: What Do You Know About This Company?

You feel as though you’re sailing through the interview, you’ve provided some impressive answers about your own skills and experiences but then you’re asked: “What do you know about this company?” 

This question can go one of two ways. If you have done your research then it could be that winning factor that lands you your dream job. But on the other hand, if you struggle to answer it – it could be the only reason you weren’t successful.


We are always expressing how important it is to do your research about the company. Not just for the interview but to see whether it’s the right company for you. It may seem like a chore but it’s better to familiarise yourself with their company culture now, rather than realising it’s not for you months down the line.

It’s SO easy to research companies in this day and age. You could head to the ‘About us’ section on their website or even just have a look at their social media profiles for their company culture. Have a look at their website for the products/services that they provide and browse the web for any important news regarding business plans or growth, any facts & figures that you can find. See if they have recently won any awards or hosted any major events. If they are a company that have multiple offices, make sure you memorise all of their other locations. Lastly, it’s a good idea to research their competitors too to show them your impressive wealth of knowledge and your awareness of the industry.

Why they are asking you

The hiring manager is asking you this question to see whether you know ANYTHING about the company. To them, it’s important that you have done your research so they know you are passionate about the job AND the company. The interview is the perfect opportunity for the hiring manager to make a good judgement about what you can bring to them, so if you can provide an informative answer about their company then they’ll know you are serious about the position available.

It isn’t a trick question, they just want to know that you can display a keen interest in this position rather than just trying to ‘wing’ the interview. A candidate who can answer this question with ease will come across significantly more favourable than a candidate who ‘couldn’t be bothered to even look up their company.

Last tip!

When answering the question you want to provide an answer that makes you STAND OUT from the others. Try to discuss things about the company that aren’t too basic or obvious, this will display your dedication towards the company and role. Try to end the answer by rounding off with your own skills and experiences and how this makes you perfect for the position.

Example for a content writer position at a magazine:

“I have been following your magazine ever since it started back in 2010. In recent years, your company has massively taken off after your infamous article addressing the gender pay gap and several other pieces addressing gender equality. Since then, you have opened two more offices in Manchester and Leeds with the original office still in Liverpool. You have won so many awards for your writing and your visual content. As I have such a passion for both writing and photography it would be a dream come true to work for such a leading, influential magazine with almost 1 million loyal readers.”

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