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6 Top Tips To Help You Settle Into Your New Graduate Job

By Scarlett @BubbleJobs

So you’ve finished your degree, handed in your job applications, been to countless interviews and the end goal has been reached… you’ve bagged yourself a job! Congratulations. At the moment you have a huge mixture of emotions spiralling around you – excitement, relief, anxiety (and maybe a bit of hysteria after the year you’ve just had!).

After I got my dream job as a Digital Marketing Executive for Bubble Jobs I found myself pacing the house thinking about everything I had to do like some kind of mad woman. After speaking to my friends about it – I don’t think I was the only one acting a bit strange! So, just remember that you’re not alone – you’ve had a rollercoaster of a year and you’ve finally reached your end goal of getting a job. So it’s completely normal to feel rather overwhelmed by the whole situation!

Try and relax about starting – there is no need to worry – all your colleagues will have been in your position at one time, and will understand how daunting the first day can be. To make sure you give the best impression possible with minimal stress – I’ve given you some top tips to help you to settle into your first graduate job.

1)      Be Organised

Before you start, make sure you write a list of things that you need to do – you may need to sharpen up on certain skills before you start. You want to try and enter your first day as prepared as you can – so make sure you wow your employers by showing them you’ve done your research about the company and the industry they’re in.

Before I started at Bubble Jobs I made sure I had a good understanding of how Bubble works and the digital industry as a whole. But don’t worry too much – your employer won’t be expecting you to know everything! You also might want to get yourself a new work wardrobe – get in touch and find out what the work uniform policy is – you don’t want to be wasting your money on smart work clothes when they have a casual dress code or vice versa.

2)      Be Confident And Approachable

I know you’ll be feeling ridiculously nervous on the morning of your first day and you would probably love to curl up in a ball like a tired hedgehog but you just need to bite the bullet and show your employer that they’ve made the right choice.

Walk in with a smile on your face and a can do attitude – you want your colleagues to like you and not find you unapproachable. So make sure you have a chat with your new work mates – after all you are going to be with them for at least 37 hours over the week so it’s probably best if you bond a little bit! Try as hard as you can to remember names – this way when you need to find out something you don’t end up trying to getting their attention by pointing at them vaguely! If you’re keen to impress on your first day – have a look at our post which gives you some tips on how to have a successful first day.

3)      Set Off A Little Bit Early

Imagine this … you wake up and get the bus that should get you to the office at 8.50, but sods law – there’s a huge traffic jam which holds you up. So you end up running into the office late and all windswept. Not the best first impression aye? So just make sure you plan ahead and get their a bit early – just so you can weigh up the time it actually takes – not how long it takes on Google Maps!

4)      Ask Questions

This is your first “real”
job – in an industry that you might not be completely comfortable with – so questions are going to come up. Asking questions is not a weakness it shows that you’re trying to further your knowledge – so don’t be scared of asking questions! Saying this though – don’t annoy your colleagues by constantly chirping on about tiny little things. Use Google to your benefit, that’s what it’s there for – this way you won’t bother your colleagues too much and it’ll show that you can use your own initiative.

5)      Have A Chat With Your Boss

I know it might be a bit daunting but your boss can give you the feedback you need to improve and be a success. So it’s really important to make the effort and communicate with her/him properly.  Make sure you write down any feedback that they give you – if your boss has given you ways to improve then you need to make sure you put those points into action.

6)      Get Stuck In

 So you’ve bragged about your can-do attitude in your interview – it’s now time to put this into action. You want to be positive and proactive and show that you’re a positive person that will get on with tasks without a fuss. Like I said before – this is your time to show your employer that they’ve made the right decision. So if you get given a task – do it with a smile on your face and with lots of energy!
So there we go … my top six tips to settle into your new job well! Remember that you’ve worked very hard to get to this point – so enjoy every minute of it. Good Luck!

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