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Mind The Gap: 6 Benefits of Temp Work

We all know the difficulties of job hunting. Jobs can be a bit like buses, sometimes you find yourself waiting around for nothing and other times you may receive endless offers all at once. Unfortunately, they are pretty unpredictable. Although you may not be getting the responses you are looking for, don’t worry. There’s ways to make the most out of these hiccups and potentially make you more employable.

It’s very easy to just sit and wait for permanent roles to become available, but you need to broaden your searches. Not only will the constant rejection get you down, it’s becomes very time consuming and you could turn this time into a short term, temp contract. Completing temp work doesn’t mean you failed at getting a job. If anything, it means that you are utilising your time well. If it’s something you really don’t want to end up doing, then surely it’ll motivate you to keep searching for your ideal job.

Office Life

Working in an office might be something that you are extremely unfamiliar with. By taking a temp office job, you’ll get used to organising yourself, getting to work on time, communicating with people and more. Although, you may feel as though the job isn’t something you eventually want to do, we all have to start somewhere. It’s better to learn some skills, than none at all. It may seem as though employer’s solely value skills and experience, people skills are extremely favourable too. Temping could give you a valuable headstart. Sometimes it’s worth stepping out of your comfort zone in order to learn skills that you may not have learnt elsewhere.

Basic Admin

Within a lot of job descriptions, you will have noticed that they require ‘basic admin experience or knowledge’. Lot’s of companies want candidates who are competent with Microsoft Office, unfortunately not all of us can afford to buy it (especially graduates). Thus, working somewhere that uses Microsoft (or equivalent) could be extremely advantageous. Not only will you learn all the ins and outs of the software, you’ll be actively using it for a brand. Gaining experience while you are searching for that dream job. BONUS POINTS!


It’s important to consider all of the positive factors that come out of this situation. So, think of the whole process as a bit of practice before you get your desired permanent role. Having this short but sweet role has enabled you to experience office life, networking with professionals, organising your workload, collaborating, time management, managing your finances and so on. All in all, landing yourself this temp role could bring more positives than going straight into a graduate position. Positives, positives, positives!  

New Skills

You never know, the temp job might just introduce you to lots of new and valuable skills. You may be introduced to programmes that you’ve never heard of before, you may complete training courses and even shadow members of staff. All of these things are noteworthy. Even if you didn’t particularly enjoy the activities you completed, you might just benefit from them in the long run. On the other hand, you may discover something that you really enjoy within this role, something that you may want to look for a career in.

Updating Your CV

By adding the skills you acquired to your CV, you may just get the attention of your dream employer. Lots of recruiters and employers use keyword searches to find ideal candidates, so you need to be clever about your choice of words. List all of the skills you picked up from this role, things you experienced and any major achievements. There you have it, an other role added to your cv with a selection of skills that you wouldn’t have if you just continued to dishearteningly search for jobs. Always remember, gaps are bad and you should do your best to avoid them at all costs. Even if you think temping is scary and not as secure as you’d wish, it will look better than an unemployment spell.


Open Doors

You never know, by completing that temp role, in that particular company you may have landed yourself lots of exciting opportunities. Perhaps you made that much of a good impression, they have opened a position for you. You may have been introduced to brands that are now hiring and you may decide to go down a completely different career path. The possibilities are endless. 

Good luck in your job hunt and although at times, it can be a little daunting. Don’t give up  & make the most out of every opportunity! If you need some help structuring your CV, writing individual cover letters and preparing for interviews, download our free guide.

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