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5 Ways You’re Wasting Space On Your CV

By Amy @BubbleJobs

When it comes to your CV, you only have a limited amount of space (maximum two sides of A4) in which to show off your skills and experience and demonstrate your relevancy for the role – so needless to say, you need to make sure that the info you include counts.

Think you’re doing a pretty good job of maximising the space on your CV? You might want to think again…

Thanks to the launch of our new SmartList tool (click here to register your CV), we’ve recently had to look through a lot of CVs (and I mean a lot!) – and we’ve noticed that a lot of job seekers are still filling their CVs up with random, irrelevant info which is just wasting space and which isn’t actually going to help them bag the job they’re applying for.

To point you in the right direction, we’ve come up with the top five most common ways job seekers are wasting valuable space on their CVs.

1. Including Your Marital Status:

Single? Married? Divorced? Have two kids? That’s great – but it’s just not relevant to any job you’re applying to. Seriously, you’re applying for a job, not a dating site – so it’s definitely a good idea to leave the status of your love life off your CV.

2. Including A Photo:

Unless you’re applying for a modelling job or a job which relies on your stunning good looks, including a photo on your CV is just a downright waste of space – and it could actually end up working against you. Why? Because like it or not, sometimes we judge people on looks – and if for some reason an employer doesn’t like the look of your pretty little face and your CV is just OK, you could end up in the ‘no’ pile.

3. Including Irrelevant Jobs:

This is one of the most common mistakes we see here at Bubble Jobs – candidates including every single job they’ve ever had on their CV, regardless of whether they’re relevant to the role they’re applying for. Trust us – you don’t need to include every job you’ve ever had. In reality, an employer only really cares about the jobs you’ve had in the last five years or so – and even less if you’ve totally started a new career or you’re right at the start of your career. Rather than including every job you’ve ever had, it’s much better to use the space describing the jobs you’ve had which are relevant to the role – and which include key words that an employer would want to see.

4. Including Cliche Hobbies:

Enjoy exercising? Socialising with friends? Listening to music? Yawn… so does everyone else. Including cliche hobbies like these is just a waste of space because they won’t help to set up apart from the other candidates and will just end up being skim-read by a prospective employer. If you’ve got interesting, alternative hobbies which will make you stand out, include them – but if not, it’s a good idea to just delete this section completely and put the space to better use.

5. Including Reference Info:

Think you have to include the contact details of your references on your CV? Think again. Simply putting “References available upon request” is more than enough – and it means that you never have to worry about a potential employer contacting one of your references behind your back, particularly if one of them is your current boss!

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