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5 Ways You’re Scaring Away Valuable Candidates.

Do candidates often reject your job offer? Or do you have a high staff turnover?  It sounds like it’s time to review the representation of your brand and what message you are getting across.  It may be unintentional, you may just need to tweak your online presence a bit or it may be a drastic change to your company culture. Either way, you are doing something wrong, we can help you fix it.

Digital Footprint

Recruiters and employers spend lots of time telling candidates to clean up their digital footprint. This is often the first place they look before deciding on a candidate. But what you don’t realise is, candidates do this too! Imagine if they googled your brand but couldn’t find anything about you anywhere, they would think – does this company even exist? It’s a bit outdated. How can I apply for a job when I know nothing about the brand? and so on.

It’s important to make sure your company has enough exposure for people to learn about you and what you do, what your company ethics are and so on. Keep your content work-related and fair. Ensure that your content is engaging and that you interact with your audience, a company who fails to do so may put candidates off.

A good way of showing off your brand and your company culture is to use Instagram and other social media platforms, read our blog on how it can help your brand.


Has your company been involved in any bad press? If your company is notorious for its gender pay-gap or it’s poor working ethics, no one is going to want to work for you. It can be difficult to recover from this sort of bad press and in this context, any press is certainly not good press.

We are always expressing the need for a good, fair company culture. Word gets around and people can instantly find out about your company behind the scenes. Make your workplace a happy place for everyone and you’ll see the differences.

Job Adverts

It might be worth looking over your job adverts and what messages they are getting across to candidates. Are you using any discriminative words? Do your descriptions map out who you want to employ before you even finish the first paragraph? Do they come across far too vague?  These are big mistakes for any recruiter/employer.

The length of your application can be a big turn off for candidates, they expect to spend a considerable amount of time applying but sometimes it’s just too much. Don’t ask unnecessary questions, unless you have to! Here’s some guidance.

Make sure you are attentive and engaging with your applicants. Help them if they have any questions about their application. Don’t leave them in the dark, update your candidates throughout the process.

Lack of Diversity

Workplaces with no diversity are often very intimidating and can really scare candidates away. It’s 2017, time to introduce fair and unbiased ways of recruiting your candidates.

Introduce some CV Filtering software or training programmes to your employees. Read our blog about the importance of unbiased recruitment process for some helpful advice.


Poor Interview

A badly organised interview is a bad start to the candidate’s perception of you and your company. First impressions count. If you expect the candidate to arrive early, so should you. You should be organised. Make sure you do your research on them and their background, just like you expect them to. Engage with them and give them chance to speak, it’s their time to sell themselves.

Read our blog about Why your Interview Failed to Impress the Candidate and take some tips!


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