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5 Ways to Immediately Improve Candidate Experience

5 Ways to Immediately Improve Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is a job seekers perception, thoughts and opinions on an employer’s complete hiring process. If employers consistently leave candidates with a negative impression, it makes it much more difficult to hire the best talent.

As competition for skilled candidates continues to increase, offering an exceptional candidate experience is now helping some employers gain a crucial advantage in the job market. By considering candidate experience and taking proactive steps to improve it, employers have an opportunity to win over great talent.

Obviously overhauling an entire hiring process doesn’t happen overnight. However, there are some quick and easy changes employers can make to immediately improve candidate experience.

  1.  Write a clear job description

A job description needs to be appealing to encourage candidates to apply for a role. Employers should always aim to provide a clear and accurate explanation of the job and responsibilities. Its important candidates aren’t presented with a job description that simply lists a long set of requirements. This usually serves to put many good candidates off before they even apply.

Candidates want to know about salary range, benefits, and company values. Employers should aim to provide all this information in an easy-to-read format.

  1. Email candidates regularly

Candidates like to be kept in the loop. Taking a few minutes to email a candidate to inform them of a delay or acknowledge receipt of an application has a huge impact on candidate experience.

Informing candidates of timescales helps manage expectations and crucially, reduces the chances that candidates will accept another offer while waiting to hear back about their application. This seems so simple but many companies don’t do it. CareerArc found that 65% of job seekers say they rarely receive notice of their application status.

  1. Always provide feedback

Employers should give feedback whether a candidate is successful or not. Receiving constructive feedback ensures candidates feel appreciated and recognised. It’s worth remembering, each candidate has to take time out of their own busy schedule to commit to a hiring process.

In a situation where an employer has another suitable vacancy coming up in the near future, a candidate who has already received constructive feedback from them will feel empowered to apply. Ideally, the candidate will have taken the feedback on board and performed better in a second interview.

  1. Always collect feedback

Without honest feedback from candidates, it’s very difficult for employers to improve the experience they are providing. It’s vital that employers ask candidates for their thoughts on the existing recruitment process.

One effective way of doing this is to have all candidates complete a short feedback form. This helps highlight any areas that could be improved. By collecting data in this way and actioning the findings, employers can completely overhaul their recruitment process in the long-term.

  1. Give candidates a chance to meet the team

When candidates come in for an interview, employers should give them a chance to meet the team they would be working with. This gives candidates an important glimpse of the life within the organisation.

An informal chat with the team can also help the interview experience feel a bit less intimidating.

If the same candidate receives two job offers with different salaries, they may choose to take a role with a lower salary if they feel the company would be a better fit for them.

Author Bio: James Deeney is the lead content writer at Venturi Group, an IT recruitment agency. A Science Communication graduate from The University of Manchester, James aims to take the jargon out of technical and scientific writing.

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