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5 Ways To Stay On The Good Side Of Your Recruiter

By Scarlett @BubbleJobs

Great recruiters can be a really useful tool to use in your job search – they can give you handy hints about your CV and they usually have some inside knowledge about the job you’re going for. OK, so there are some dodgy ones out there – but there are also some great ones, so it’s definitely worth considering using them in your job search.

That said; it can be really easy to neglect your recruiter but doing so could really reduce your chances of getting a job. They have lots of vacancies that need filling – so the better the impression you make, the more likely they are to remember your CV when a relevant job turns up.

To make sure you’re getting the maximum out of your job search we’ve come up with five ways to stay on the good side of your recruiter.

Build A Strong Relationship

Your recruiter can be the key to getting the job of your dreams – so it can be pretty helpful to build a strong relationship with them. When a recruiter is speaking to you they’re mainly interested in your skills and experience – but a big part of choosing the right candidate for a job is how they come across.

If you can engage your recruiter then they’re much more likely to pop your CV on the yes pile.  Make sure you answer the phone when you can and be approachable and friendly. If you’re stand off-ish then your recruiter could think that you’re not right for the role – and just like that you’ve missed out on getting a job.

Help Your Recruiter Out

Recruiters usually have quite a few vacancies that they need to fill – so if they mention another role and you know someone who would be perfect, then help them out and send the contact over. By helping your recruiter you’re making a great impression and you never know – this could get you a job in the long run.


Thank Them

Once your interview is done and dusted it’s easy to just forget about your recruiter – it’s only the person who gave you advice and actually got you the interview in the first place! Show that you appreciate their help and send them a quick email to say thanks.

Hopefully you’ll have got the job but sometimes things might not work out. If this is the case then you might need to come back to your recruiter – your recruiter will remember that you were grateful for all the help last time and will hopefully do the same again.

Don’t Lie

Lying to get an interview is a huge pet peeve for a lot of recruiters. We know that you really want a job but lying to your recruiter will just land you in hot water. The truth always comes out in the end and all you’ll get is an irritated recruiter and employer for wasting their time.

It can also have a negative impact on your recruiter because their reputation is at stake – if they send over a candidate that is completely wrong then they’re the ones that look bad as well as you. The no lying rule applies to the whole job search process – have a look at why you shouldn’t lie on your CV if that hasn’t put you off.

Pretend Every Phone Call Is An Interview

Remember – your recruiter will constantly receive phone calls from potential candidates so it’s important to make a lasting impression. Try to treat the recruiter phone call like an actual interview – get your CV in front of you and be ready to answer those generic interview questions. If you can tick all the boxes straight away then you’re making the recruiter’s life so much easier and you can be put through to the next stage.

So there you go – five ways to stay on the good side of your recruiter. Think I’ve missed anything out? Leave me a comment below.

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