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5 Tried And Tested Ways To Make A Good First Impression On Your First Day

How to make a good first impression on your first day at work

Your first day in a new job is a monumental occasion. For some, the road to land the role has required a lot of time and effort. Something you don’t want to see going to waste when the first-day nerves kick in. The pressure to make a good first impression can make even the coolest, calm and collected of new starters feel slightly nervous.

Follow these 5 tips to help create a good first impression:

1. Be prepared

Want to create a great first impression? You will need to prepare to tackle the new role, meet new colleagues and embrace your new work environment. First, you will need to organise and gather the first-day essentials such as your bank details, pen, notepad, P45, lunch etc… (view a full list here) as its better to be overprepared than underprepared.

Along with the physical items, a little research beforehand can help you brush up on any skills and feel fully confident before your first day. If you are unprepared it can be perceived as unprofessional and show a lack of commitment to your new role.

2. Show enthusiasm

Even though you feel a sense of excitement and motivation to start your new job, often nerves can take over and make it difficult to express your enthusiasm. If this is the case, remember to listen and take in all of the information you are provided in an appreciative manner.

Then ask lots of questions. A great question can demonstrate interest and eagerness to learn more about the role, company and even your fellow co-workers.

3. Remember names

Remembering someone’s name is the first step to establishing a relationship with your new employer and co-workers. A polite acknowledgement that shows you value and respect them enough to learn more about them.

Some people may find this more difficult than others. But if you make a conscious effort to immediately acknowledge someone’s name following an introduction it can help you remember their name much more easily. A good trick to do this is by, repeating their name straight after they have told you who they are.

4. Arrive early, leave late (& not the other way around!)

Simply put, arrive to work 10-15 minutes before your scheduled start time and make sure you’re not the first person to leave at the end of the day. Always ensure you are early for your first day. If you know you will be late due to a cancelled train or heavy traffic out of your control, let your manager or a senior staff member know of your whereabouts.

Although, if you’re unsure on how to find the right time to leave, ask your manager for a quick catch up to chat about how your first day went. After this conversation will be a perfectly good time to pack up your stuff and head off. Which will hopefully leave your first day on a positive note.

5. Be approachable

Communication and body language can really influence your new employers first impressions of you. For this reason, if you are closed off (folded arms and short blunt answers) your new colleagues may not find you very approachable.

Typically, being open and friendly can help make a good first impression. Conversations will flow, discussions will be without effort and your new co-workers will find it easier to work alongside you.

So for those looking to make a good first impression, good luck! Your first day doesn’t have to be as scary as you may think it is. Remember why you’re there, why you got the job and we hope you implement the 5 tips.


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