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5 Tips To Help You Refresh Your CV

By Amy @BubbleJobs

If you’re looking for a new job, it goes without saying that you’ll need to put a bit of time and effort into refreshing your CV to ensure that it accurately sums up your skills, experience and achievements at this point in your career.

Now, on the face of it, refreshing your CV might sound simple – but when you actually get down to it, it can be pretty tricky to know where to start and to know which things you actually need to consider updating.

With that in mind; we’ve come up with our top five tips on how to effectively refresh your CV.

1. Scrap Your Old CV:

When the time comes to refresh your CV, it can be really tempting to just get your old one out and start cutting and pasting bits here, there and everywhere – but we’d really urge you against this. In terms of refreshing your CV, it’s not just the content that needs updating but the look and feel of it too. Why? Because if you use an outdated design for your CV, there’s a risk your CV might blend in with everyone else’s and the employer will think that you’re not the right fit for their role. Also, updating the design of your CV can also help you to feel like you’re making a fresh start and that you’ve progressed in your career – so this can really help to give you a new lease of life when applying for jobs.

With that in mind; it’s definitely worth finding a new design for your CV and using that. Chances are, this new design will be much more effective than your last one – and because you’re having to transfer info over, it should help you to question which info you actually need on your new CV.

2. Lose GCSES/A-Levels If You’re Already Established:

If you’ve already got a decent number of jobs under your belt (three or four), it’s definitely worth thinking about leaving your GCSE and A-Level results (or equivalent) off your CV. Why? Because this is something that pretty much everyone has in some form or another – so it’s not really going to set you apart from another candidate. Unless you’re looking for your very first job, it’s your work history/experience that an employer is really interested in and what is really going to determine whether you get an interview – so this is really what you need to focus on on your CV.

3. Only Include Relevant Jobs:

As we just said; it’s your work history that an employer is really interested in, so when the time comes to refresh your CV, it’s definitely worth thinking about what jobs you actually want/need to include. At the end of the day, it’s only really the relevant jobs that count – so if you can, try and strip out any jobs you have which aren’t really related to your current career. For example, if you’re applying for the third digital marketing job of your career, it’s probably not worth including that job you had at the SU bar when you were a student. Remember; you only really have a maximum of two sides of A4 in which to show off your skills and experience – so you need to ensure that the info you include really counts.

4. Include Career Highlights:

When refreshing your CV, it’s definitely worth thinking about what you’ve achieved in your career since you last refreshed your CV. Did you have a guest speaker slot at a major industry conference? Were you part of a massive campaign that won the respect of key names within the industry? Did you manage to increase ROI by a certain amount as a result of making a few simple tweaks to a website? Get it on your CV! Remember; the employer isn’t psychic and no one else will shout about your achievements for you so it’s really all up to you.

What’s more; considering your recent career achievements should help to boost your confidence and remind you that you’re a great candidate – something which might just make the difference when you’re applying for your next role.

5. Completely Rework Your Personal Profile/Statement:

Now, there’s a bit of an argument in the Bubble office about whether you actually need a personal profile/statement on your CV – but if you do decide to use one, this is definitely a key part of your CV that you need to refresh. Don’t think it needs updating? Think again! Your personal statement should give employers an insight into who you are as a candidate and where you are in your career – so with that in mind; it’ll almost certainly need updating to ensure it reflects your current position.

When refreshing your profile, again, we’d urge you to scrap the last one and start from scratch. Why? Because this way you’ll have to really focus on what it is that you want to say – and you could end up writing something which is amazing but which you’d never have come up if you were just trying to update your last profile. Remember; it’s all about being unique and showing how much you’ve progressed in your career.

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