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5 Tips On How To Tackle A Panel Interview

By Scarlett @BubbleJobs

Interviews can be tricky enough when there’s just one interviewer, never mind when there’s a whole panel of people asking you lots of probing questions about your CV. When I came for my interview here at Bubble Jobs, I remember feeling slightly overwhelmed when I saw Adam, Lauren and Amy sat there ready to grill me.

But in all honesty it really wasn’t that bad –  it actually ended up feeling more like a conversation, which is what good interviews should be like. This said, they can still be pretty daunting, so if you’ve got a panel interview in the future, we’ve come up with five top tips on how to tackle an interview with more than one person.

Do Your Research

If you’ve got a panel interview it’s very likely that your recruiter/prospective employer will have already let you know. When you get told this – don’t hesitate to ask who will be in the interview, because it could really help you get some valuable information.

Once you’ve found out try and memorise the names and their job roles –  it shows that you’ve done your research and you can also have a think about some of the questions you’re going to be asked. For example if you’re going for a digital marketing role and you’ve got the Social Media Manager and the eCommerce Manager on the panel – then you know that they’ll each ask completely different questions, so you need to make sure you’re prepared.

Keep Eye Contact With Everyone

When you’ve had a question directed to you by a specific person, it’s very easy to just look at that individual but you need to make sure that you look at all the interviewers, as they all want to hear your answer, even if they’re not the one that asked the question directly.

Failing to look at everyone could stop certain interviewers gelling with you – which you want to avoid at all costs. So make sure you don’t hold a gaze with one individual for too long – this should help you make a great impression throughout your interview.

Don’t Get Put Off

Most interviewers will start scribbling things down when you’re speaking, which can be a little bit off-putting, especially when there are a few interviewers on the panel. But don’t see it as a negative – they’ll probably have had a few people into interview so they need to write any essential information down so that they know who’s said what and to make sure they hire the right candidate. If you start thinking negatively then it could have an impact on your interview performance, and you don’t want that – so don’t be put off!

Bring Enough Copies Of Your CV

If you’ve been told that you’re going to be part of a panel interview then make sure that you bring enough copies of your CV. If I’m honest, a good employer would have already printed off your CV and had a good look through to work out appropriate interview questions for you – but if they haven’t it’s a good way to show that you’re nice and prepared – touches like this can have a huge impact on what sort of impression you give overall.

Think Of Some Good Questions To Ask

At the end of the interview you’ll probably get asked if you have any questions – this is your chance to find out some valuable information about the company. So before the interview, have a look at what each individual does and think of some appropriate questions in relation to what they do. Thought of a few questions but not quite sure whether they’re appropriate? Have a look at this post which gives you some tips on what not to ask at an interview.

So there we go; five tips on how to tackle a panel interview – good luck!

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