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5 Tips On Getting Yourself Noticed In a Group Interview

This week marked the start of the UN Secretary General job interviews, where nine candidates will stand up in front of the general assembly’s 193 nations and basically tell them in 10 minutes why they should get the job. If that’s not scary enough, they are then asked questions based on their presentation for up to 1 hour 50 minutes! Nobody likes job interviews, but talk about tough crowd. That’s why standing out from the rest of the candidates is majorly important, so we’ve come up with five top tips to make sure you stand out for all the right reasons in your next group interview.

Be confident but considerate 

The trickiest thing about group interviews is how can you be confident but not over powering? How do you show that you’re confident but not egotistic? You need to find the fine line and the balance between standing out and showing off. The best way to do this is to of course demonstrate your voice and opinion, but be considerate of the rest of the group. Every hiring manger is different so one may want somebody to be overly confident but then another might not. If you want to find the balance then the best way to do this is to take some control of the group but instead of fighting for limelight, listen and praise other group member’s ideas. This shows that you’re acknowledging other people rather than just yourself, which balances teamwork with leadership.

Involve everyone 

There’s always going to be people in your group that are a lot quieter than others. Of course there’s always one candidate that wants to take the lead, a majority who sit on the fence because they know full well the hiring manager is in the room and then you get your meek little mice in the corner. It’s always key to try and involve everybody within a group discussion because remember you are all there for the same reason, not just for the job, but each and every one of you are there to participate in a group task/discussion. By trying to involve the quieter candidates you straight away demonstrate your willingness to get everybody involved and that you’re not just thinking of yourself. Employers will like this as is shows you are considerate to others and an employer won’t want a candidate who just thinks of themselves.


Make friends

I know you’re not at a job interview to get new mates to go drinking with and in fact you’re at the interview purely for yourself, but where’s the harm in being nice? A lot of people go into group interviews thinking of just themselves but in reality you are being judged from the minute you walk into a building until the moment you leave. Hiring managers want to see that your likeable and can get along with anyone so what better way than to show them first hand, by making friends and being friendly with other candidates. When we say making friends we don’t necessarily mean that you’re going to be BMFL but who’s going to stand out more, the candidate that’s sitting on their own not interacting with anyone or the candidate that everyone’s speaking to who’s getting on with everyone in the room.

Prepare to not be prepared

Group interviews are maybe one of the hardest to prepare for as who knows what’s going to come up? You can usually bet that there will be some kind of weird ice breaker, which could be from ‘tell us a fun fact about yourself’ to create a new idea for a children’s game. Group interview tasks are usually something fun but perhaps wacky, basically something that can be totally unrelated to your job spec purely to see how well you work under pressure. The key part of all this is the ‘under-pressure’ part, so by ‘preparing yourself to be not be prepared’ basically means, don’t panic if you get caught off guard and if you do just make sure you stop and think for a second. If you don’t know what to say you can even have a drink of water and buy yourself some time to gather your thoughts and think of something.

Be yourself – don’t be fake

Lastly what’s most important about any interview is to always be yourself. This probably isn’t an employer’s first time they’ve held a group interview, so they can see right through the candidates who are genuine with who are fake. Remember there’s a reason you’ve been invited to the interview in the first place and that’s because the hiring manager has seen something that they liked in your application, so just simply be yourself and prove to them why they should hire you for all your great qualities not just your achievements.


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