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5 Tips On Applying For A Job With A Former Employer

By Lauren @BubbleJobs

In this economy, it tends to be the case that companies want to make the least costly decision when hiring new talent – and one of the biggest costs in this process is training someone up in a new company.

So when looking for a job, it’s a good idea to consider a company you’ve already worked for – as long as you left on good terms that is.

In this situation, you have the edge over new candidates because you already know the company, and have (hopefully!) proved yourself as an asset to the business.

With that in mind, here are some top tips on applying for a job with a former employee.

1) Research The Company

This might sound weird, but while you may think you know the company inside out from your time there, it’s vital to do as much research as possible as if you had never stepped foot in the office.

While you were away from the business, there might have been a lot of changes in the structure and direction of the company, so it’s important to make sure that you’re clued up about the current state of the organisation.

2) Speak To Former Colleagues

Have a little bit of a stalk on LinkedIn to find your former colleagues and speak to them about their experiences of the company as it is now. It might also be an idea to try and find employees who have returned to the business to find out more about the process and how former employees are treated when they return.

It may be that this information makes you want to apply for the job even more, but it might also put you off if you hear less-than-savoury stories about their experiences.  Either way, it’s a good way of hearing first-hand experiences of returning to the company.

3) Utilise Your Contacts

Similarly to the last point, using your former colleagues contacts can be what ultimately gets you the job ahead of other candidates. Speak to people still working at the company to get the inside scoop on what the employer is looking for in candidates, and make sure you include this in your application.

This is also a good time to ask for references from your old supervisors or managers at the company, as these will be beneficial when applying for the role, as the hiring manager is more likely to value the opinion of someone they work with and trust.

Also, if you were ever on good terms with anyone in HR at the business, now is the time to get them on your side and have them put in a good word for you!

4) Be Prepared

If you get to the interview stage, you need to be totally prepared for any questions about why you left your old job and why you want to come back.

Avoid talking about money and instead focus on the new skills you’ve developed in your time away from the business and why these are perfect for this new position.

5) Don’t Hide Anything

It’s not uncommon for candidates to gloss over some negative parts of their work history in their application or interview – but you can’t hide anything about your previous stint at the company this time around.

If you are called out on a failed project, disciplinary process etc, be honest about it – it’s all on file anyway!

However, make sure you prepare answers on how you have grown since then and wouldn’t make the same mistakes again. You need to convince the interviewer that you’re reliable and aren’t prone to making mistakes!

So there you go, some tips on how to apply for a job with a former employer! Have you ever gone back to an old company and have any tips of your own, or would you advise against it?

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @BubbleJobs! 🙂

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