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5 Things To Consider Before Starting A Career In The Digital Sector

By Amy @BubbleJobs

When it comes to choosing an industry to work in, it’s fair to say that the digital industry is a great option. OK, so due to the nature of our business we might be a bit biased, but there’s no denying that the digital sector is an exciting one – and, as you can see from our jobs board, there are always lots of jobs available with a range of major brands both in the UK and around the world.

That said; just like any other industry, when it comes to starting a career in the digital sector, there are a few things you should probably consider before diving in and applying for jobs straight away. In today’s blog, we’ve outlined five key aspects which are definitely worth giving a bit of thought to before you craft your digital CV and start putting yourself out there as a candidate in the digital sector.

1. Which Niche Is Right For You?

Think jobs in the digital sector just consist of technical coding jobs? Think again! From eCommerce and graphic design vacancies to copywriting and social media jobs, there are lots of positions available in the digital industry – and the right niche for you will ultimately depend on your strengths, skills, background and passions. Not sure where to start? The Digital Careers Finder Quiz can act as a great starting point – and don’t forget; our Digital Career Portal is also packed full of videos and guides to the different digital careers that are available within the industry.

2. Do You Have The Skills Needed?

When it comes to starting a career in the digital sector, it’s not just a case of choosing a niche and applying for jobs. The sector is extremely competitive – and the only way to really catch an employer’s eye is to have the skills and experience that they’re specifically looking for. When considering a niche, it’s worth looking at existing job adverts or looking at key skills lists for each sector (you can find our top key skills for digital design jobs here) to see what skills and experience are essential when it comes to securing a job in this industry. If you don’t have the skills or experience needed and you can’t get these quickly, it might be worth choosing another sector or going on a professional course to top up your skills (you can find our blog on digital marketing courses here).

3. Do You Want To Work Freelance Or Permanent?

When it comes to working in the digital sector, you tend to have two main working options; freelance or permanent. While there are definitely benefits to both, if you’re just starting out in the sector, choosing a permanent job within another company might be the best option as it gives you a brand name/s to put on your CV – which is what other companies look for when they employ digital freelancers. For more info, check out our previous blog to help you decide whether a permanent or freelance job is the right choice for you.

4. Do You Want To Work For An Agency Or In-House?

If you choose to go down the permanent job route, the next decision you need to make is whether you want to work for a digital agency or you’d prefer to work in-house or ‘client-side’ for a brand. Again, with these options there are pros and cons to both – and the right option for you will ultimately depend on what kind of experience you want to pick up and what type of work you’d like to be involved in eg. with agency work, you’ll probably get to work with a number of brands, while with an in-house job, you’ll probably only get to work with one.

5. Do You Want It Enough?

As we mentioned before, the digital industry is extremely competitive and demand for vacancies with the top brands is fierce so to truly succeed in the sector you need to be really committed. If you don’t really want it, your lack of enthusiasm will shine through in your applications and you’ll struggle to get an interview. And if you do end up getting a job in the sector, it’s highly likely that you’ll struggle to progress through the sector because you’re not passionate about the industry or your role within it. That said; it’s definitely worth giving some serious thought as to whether a job in the digital sector is right for you before committing to the industry.


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