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5 Things To Consider Before Taking A Sabbatical

By Scarlett @BubbleJobs

The word ‘sabbatical’ is rarely spoken of within the workplace – it’s a bit of a taboo subject because not many managers want their employers swanning off for a few months but they do exist – and they do get taken.

There are a few reasons why you might choose to take a sabbatical at some point in your life. It might be that you’re tired and stressed out at work or you might just want to take some time out to see the world. Whatever your reasons – there are some serious considerations you should make before you decide to go on a sabbatical.

So we’ve come up with five things you should consider before taking a sabbatical – this way you can avoid making a decision that could have a significant impact on your career.

What Stage In Your Career Are You?

Whether you’re ready to take a sabbatical depends on what stage of your career you’re in. If you’re still in the early phase of your career then you probably won’t have reached your overall career goal. If this is the case then you should really think about the implications of a sabbatical before leaving work for an extended period.

If you decide to leave anyway then it’s important to remember that it may take you a bit longer to climb up the career ladder. Your boss may see your sabbatical as a sign that you’re not committed to your career or they could even let you go!

That said, a sabbatical can be a great thing to do if you’ve reached your end goal or you’re looking for a complete career change. If you’ve got to where you want to be but feel you need some time out then a sabbatical could be a brilliant opportunity to evaluate your options.

Would A Good Holiday Sort You Out?

If you’ve chosen to take a sabbatical because you’re super stressed then you’re probably not thinking straight. It’s very easy to be a little bit rash and decide you need a few months out – but what you might need is a nice holiday – somewhere sunny with lovely golden beaches.

Before deciding, maybe take some of your holidays and have a nice break – you can have a good think about what you want to do during your holiday – rather than making a decision when you’re stressed and tired.

How Fast Does The Industry You Work In Move?

Are you going to finish your sabbatical and find that everything has moved on? The digital industry is evolving every day so it’s really important to think about whether you’re going to be behind the times when you get back, whereas other industries like the education sector can see sabbaticals as a good thing. It’s a time where you can study more and even do some research. So it’s good to consider what industry you’re in and whether it’ll have a negative impact on your career in the long run.

Is Your Company Open To Sabbaticals?

You have to remember that most companies won’t really want you leaving the company for longer than a couple of weeks. It’s a bit of a pain for them – they’ve got to find someone to take your place and teach them how to do your job for a temporary period.

This is why a lot of employers say no to a sabbatical – before you ask, try and find out if anyone has taken a sabbatical before. You want to be sure that your job is going to be there afterwards.

What Are Your Finances Like?

Obviously your employer isn’t going to pay you to go off and enjoy yourself so you need to look at your finances and work out whether it’s viable or not. If you’re going away then it’s not going to be cheap so you’ll need some savings behind you.

You’ve also got to remember that you might not have a job when you get back so you need to consider whether you can fund an extra couple of months.

So there we go, some things you should consider before taking a sabbatical.

What do you think of these points?  Can you think of anything else to consider before taking a sabbatical?

Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @BubbleJobs!

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