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5 Subjects To Avoid At Any Job Interview

By Scarlett @BubbleJobs

Applying for a job can be a pretty daunting prospect for a lot of people, especially the interview part. We’ve written loads about interviews in the past – so if you’re feeling nervous about it then have a look at our Interview section.

When it gets to the interview day, nerves can take over and you can begin to waffle – this can lead to you talking about subjects that should really be avoided in an interview environment. It’s important to remember that they want to see what your personality is like in your interview, so you want to make the best first impression.

To help you out, we’ve come up with some subjects that you should really try to avoid when you’re in an interview.

1) Heavy Stuff

Even though an interview is obviously pretty professional, it’s still important to show that you’ve got a light-hearted side. If you start talking about deep political issues of the world or your current money troubles, your potential new boss will be instantly put off.

You don’t want to look like you take yourself too seriously – your potential employer wants to know that you’ll fit in nicely with the team, not bring them down! So if you get a few informal questions before the interview starts, try and be quite light-hearted about it.

2) The Weather

This is very specific we know, but it can sound so bland if you decide to talk about the weather. Imagine this… you’re sat waiting for the interview to start and you come out with; “the weather’s a bit rubbish today” – it doesn’t sound great, does it?

It just makes you seem a little bit boring – so try and think of some small talk you can make if you have any awkward silences. You want to try and engage your interviewer as much as possible – at the end of the day they’re not going to employ you if they don’t get on with you.

3) Moaning About Your Ex-Employer

Remember, you want to seem like a positive person, not someone who hates going to work every day. Even if your old boss was a first class idiot, you don’t need to say it. They want you to get on with all your colleagues and be responsive to leadership – so avoid slating your last workplace. It’s a sure fire way to put off a potential employer.

4) Pay/Benefits

Obviously one of the main reasons that you go to work is to earn some cash, and your potential boss knows that. But if you walk into your first interview and start asking about how the company can benefit you, then you could look like you’re only in it for the money.

Your potential employer wants to see that you’ve got a passion for the job and the industry you’re entering, so if anything you should be asking questions about the role itself. This sounds a lot better than “How much will I get paid?”

5) Whether You’ve Got The Job

 After going through the application and interview stage it can be really frustrating waiting around for an answer. This said, don’t start pressing your potential boss for an answer at the interview – employers need some time to think through their decision, they don’t need you nagging at them before the interview’s even over.

So don’t ask whether you’ve got the job straight after the interview – wait until afterwards and send them a quick email after. You can thank them for the interview and ask when you’re a going to hear back from them – this will seem less desperate!

So there we go; some subjects to avoid when you’re in an interview. Make sure to comment below or tweet us on @BubbleJobs if you have any more interview advice or questions.

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