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5 Signs You Might Be Suited To A Digital Career

By Amy @BubbleJobs

When it comes to working in the digital sector, while it’s true that technical skills and experience count for a lot, just as with any sector, softer skills and personality traits are really important too, particularly when it comes to getting your foot in the door.

Unlike most technical skills, softer skills and personality traits can’t necessarily be taught – you either naturally have them or you don’t – and if you do have the personality traits that lend themselves to a career in a digital sector, you could be in demand.

With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at some of the key personality traits that people in the digital sector tend to have – so if any of the skills below ring a bell, it might seriously be worth considering applying for jobs in the digital industry.

1. You’re Always Connected:

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, emails or another app, if you’re constantly connected to the internet, you probably already have a lot of the digital skills that many employers are looking for. When it comes to working in digital, whether it’s a social media job or a developer role, you have to constantly be monitoring feeds and sites – and if you’ve already got the internet addiction thing going on, you’re on the right track for a career in digital.

2. You’re Always Asking Why:

When you’re working in the digital sector – particularly in roles like SEO, CRO and UX – it’s all about curiosity and questioning why things work in a certain way and what the results would be if you changed something. With that in mind, if you already have a pretty inquisitive mind and you’re always questioning what makes things work, you could already have a soft skill that a lot of employers actively look for in candidates.

3. You’re Always Spotting Room For Improvements:

If you can’t visit a website, play a game or use an app without finding ways to improve it, whether on a visual or technical level, then again, you have some of the personality traits that could get you far in the digital sector. Roles where this kind of trait would come in handy in the digital sector include UX and UI, Mobile Apps and Digital Strategy.

4. You Like To Create Things In Your Own Time:

Whether it’s a blog, a short story, an essay, a mobile app, illustration or your own game, if you enjoy creating content in your own time (and have the motivation to do it!), then a job in something like Digital Content, Copywriting, Social Media, Digital Marketing or even Mobile or Web Development could be a natural next step in your career.

5. You’re Keen To Learn:

As we mentioned in a previous blog, when it comes to working in the digital sector, things change fast so you need to be reading, willing and able to learn new skills and tools if you want to keep up. That said; if you have the motivation and initiative to learn new skills in your own time eg. another language, coding skills etc – then again, a career in the digital sector could be a great option.


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