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5 Reasons To Do An Internship Abroad

*Guest blog post*

Internships can introduce you to the world of work in a fun and exciting way. They can help you to gain valuable experience both professionally and personally. Moving abroad and completing an internship in a new country is an extremely brave thing to do and comes with many benefits.

Are you thinking of moving abroad for an internship? Read our 5 reasons why this is a great move to consider!

  1. Learn a new language

Do you like to travel? To see new places? Why not try an internship abroad? An internship abroad can really help to improve your foreign language skills and help you to gain a selection of professional and life skills early in your career.

You may have always wanted to move abroad and maybe you didn´t think this would be possible until you graduated. Nowadays, it´s very common to move abroad during or after your studies to complete an internship – so go for it!

Learning a new language while you are abroad will increase your professional profile and will help to get you ahead of the competition. Living in a different country will help you to gain the independence and confidence that you will need later in life. Not only will you become familiar with the ways of working in your industry, but you will also gain valuable experience through your exchange of cultures.

  1. Gain industry knowledge from experts in different countries

There is no substitute for experience. Learning from experienced professionals is an effective way of getting to know your industry and broadening your skillset.

Sure, you’ve read all about the latest trends in marketing, sales or teaching, but there are people who are experts in these fields who can teach you firsthand. They may have little tricks and more efficient processes, so why not use their knowledge to add to your own set of skills? Learning from people of different cultures and countries is also hugely beneficial as it broadens your knowledge of the industry even more.

People are often surprised when they leave school or graduate from University, by the huge difference between textbook learning vs practical learning. Completing an internship is often a lot more ´hands-on´, enabling you to apply the knowledge that you have learned in school in the ´real world’. You can see the effects that your input is having on the colleagues you work with and the performance of the company you are working for. Sometimes it´s time to step out of the comfort of your classroom!

  1. Get a head start in networking

Completing an internship is a great way of making connections for the future, which can be of great benefit further down the line. When the time comes to start looking for a permanent position, the people you met through your internship may offer you a role or know other companies who are hiring in different parts of the world. Not only will networking broaden your connections, but it will also help you to become more comfortable meeting new people and attending conferences etc. helping you to prepare for your future career!

From meeting and working with new people in different countries you can also gain some exciting job referrals and recommendations, directly and also through LinkedIn. This has a positive effect on your personal brand and will strongly support your future job applications, showing future employers that you have already gained referrals in your industry – in different countries!

Meeting and working with senior people is also advantageous in terms of their advice, their skill sharing and more. You may even be introduced to a colleague who becomes a mentor for your career!

  1. Test-drive your desired career in different countries

Completing an internship enables you to ‘test drive’ your potential career. You may enjoy learning about a particular subject at University but when it comes to applying your skills in a role, you may not enjoy that particular position. It´s definitely a great way to figure out what role is most suited to you. If you want to pursue a career in marketing, for example, we recommend shadowing each member of the team to find out their different skills and responsibilities and to help to determine what role you might like best.

Completing an internship abroad enables you to test-drive the working culture as well as the industry. You may enjoy working for a startup in Spain a lot more than you will enjoy working for a big company in the UK. Working in different countries will help you to become more adaptable in different working environments, which will be extremely beneficial for your career.

At the end of the internship, you may decide you want to try working in a completely different country or industry but at least you tried it out!

  1. Securing a full-time job after your internship abroad!

The internship should never be the ultimate goal, it should be the stepping stone on the way. If you do a great job at the place you are interning, there’s a possibility of getting a full-time job there!

By getting your foot in the door and displaying your motivation to learn and progress, you are showcasing yourself to potential employers. Your work might make such a difference in a company that they decide to take a position for you immediately or even when you have completed your studies. Making your move abroad that one step easier.

Unfortunately, this won´t be possible for every company, some are bigger than others and have more flexibility. But as mentioned earlier, if you work hard enough they can refer you to other potential employers, giving your job hunt a huge boost!

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