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5 Questions You Need To Prepare For In Any Job Interview

Are you currently preparing for an upcoming job interview? Well if you are here are the top 5 questions you will likely be asked in an interview.

“Can you tell me about yourself?”

You can almost guarantee you will be asked this question first in an interview. The interviewer wants to break the ice and understand why you’re really there. This is not an opportunity to simply tell the interviewer your name and what your favourite colour is… But rather it is a chance to express your previous experience, skills and how these align with the potential role.

Example answer here

“Why should we hire you?”

Aim to answer this interview question with an example of a past experience and how this helped you succeed in previous roles. For example, instead of just stating you are a hard worker, tell the interviewer of a time when you put extra effort into a project and consequently you have the ability to meet deadlines with great results.

Example answer here

“What do you consider to be your weaknesses?”

Interviewers like to ask this question because they want to know whether you can be self-critical or not. How well you answer this question allows them to understand if you can handle constructive criticism and general feedback. Someone who states they have no weaknesses or uses may use an example such as, “I’m always too early for everything.” This answer will probably fail to win the interviewer over. Instead, try using an example where in the past you may have found something difficult however due to lots of perseverance and stepping outside of your comfort zone you now feel you have improved in this area. Remember to acknowledge your weakness and then express how you set an action plan to overcome this.

Find an example answer here

“Why do you want to work here?”

How you choose to answer this question will demonstrate how much or how little you know about the company. Therefore the more research you do prior to the interview the better your answer will be! Familiarise yourself with the company online through their website, social media channels or news articles to understand their values and beliefs. You can then ensure your answer to this popular interview question matches their core values to really demonstrate how well you will fit into their company culture.

View an example answer here

“Do you have any questions?”

For some, this may be the dreaded last question, where their mind goes blank and they simply answer no! But this can be avoided by preparing one or two questions beforehand.


“What does a typical day look like in this role?”

“Can you tell me more about the team I will be working alongside?”

“Where does the company see itself within the next five years and what are their long-term goals?”

“What are the next stages of the hiring process?”


  1. nisha gupta

    Excellent and intelligently written post … this will help me out of the funk I’ve found myself in lately .. thanks!

  2. LankaQualityJobs

    In a interview these questions are frequently asked. In your answers you will be calling to the next interview or to work. This article is valuable for everyone who facing interviews. Most valuable part is sample answers from those we can create our own answers. Thanks for the great article. Keep these coming.

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