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5 Questions Asked In A Graduate Interview

A graduate interview can feel overwhelming for some. The questions, the employer and a desire to impress can all contribute to the interview jitters. But with the right preparation and research beforehand you can answer each question with confidence.

Here are our top 5 questions targeted towards graduates:

1. What do you want to do after university?

Once you leave university, what are your plans? The dreaded question every student or recent graduate hears. But when you’re asked this in an interview you need to be fully aware that your plans align with the potential job you have applied for. For example, expressing your desire to travel as soon as you have saved up enough money might not sit well within the employer.

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2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Long term plans are important to an employer because they want to know just exactly how committed you are to the role. To answer this interview question, explain where you are currently and what progression you hope to make in order to grow. This can be related to building upon current skills, experience and even industry knowledge to help you excel.

Remember keep it career related and relevant to the role you have applied for!

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3. What skills can you bring to the role?

Passion, enthusiasm, motivation?

Whilst it is helpful to mention general traits you can bring to the role, it’s also important to select a few specific examples. If you have excellent time keeping skills, talk about a time when these came into practice during your time at university or previous employment. The more real-life examples you can provide the better.

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4. Why have you chosen this career?

There are typically two types of graduates answering this question. Ones who have always known their career destination and picked their degree accordingly and those who have got to the end of their course and are unsure of their options. Of course, if you’re degree doesn’t match the job you have applied for this doesn’t have to hold you back. Work experience or learning new skills and knowledge surrounding your career of choice can still be strong proof to answer the interview question.

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5. What sets you apart from other candidates (graduates)?

Remember to focus on yourself. Don’t use this as an opportunity to badmouth other candidates.

Think back to why you applied in the first place… Was it a company you’ve always imagined working for? Did you read the job description and think YES this is a role I can really excel in. Or did you see an opportunity to grow and progress in your career? Your reasoning behind these answers could help devise a great explanation to prove how you differentiate from the rest.

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    I would like to add my question, after graduation hr manager also asked what was your biggest achievement at university?

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