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5 Bad Work Habits You Never Knew You Had

By Scarlett @BubbleJobs

Most people spend around 37 hours within the workplace every week which means it’s important to ensure you avoid irritating your colleagues with your bad work habits. It can be very easy to get into a vicious circle where you accept this sort of inappropriate behaviour as the norm – but these things could have a significant impact on your career and that promotion that you’ve been waiting for could pass you by without you even realising.

To avoid this happening you need to try and knock some of these unruly behaviours on the head – so we’ve come up with some of the top five bad work habits you never knew you had. Not all of these habits may apply to you, but it’s definitely worth a read, because you may have picked these habits up without even realising it.


We’re all a little bit guilty of this one to some extent –  a prime example could be that you slept in, missed breakfast and arrived into work in a bit of a tizzy. In this sort of situation it’s very easy to walk into work on a low and tell everyone how rubbish your day has been so far.

But this sort of behaviour could really bring the team down as a whole, so you want to try and avoid it as much as possible. Before you’re about to moan, consider whether it’s actually necessary. That said; everyone needs a good moan every so often, just make sure it doesn’t turn into a habit.

Not Replying To Emails

Not replying to emails is probably one of the worst bad habits out of all of them.We know it can be difficult to keep on top of your inbox at times but ignoring a colleague’s email can cause a bit of tension and failing to reply to an external contact can look extremely unprofessional. So if you’ve received an email from a contact then make sure you reply –  even if it’s a short message, it’s better than completely ignoring its existence.

Not Thinking Before You Speak

It’s all well and good enjoying a chinwag in work but at times you need to make sure you keep your professional hat on because you could land yourself in hot water. Say you’ve read through a fellow colleague’s work and it needs a few adjustments – have a good think about how to word it rather than saying it’s bad.

Think of a positive thing about it, then go onto discuss how it could be improved. If you’re not careful you could actually really offend your colleague, so think before you speak!


When the day starts coming to an end, it can become very easy to become distracted by what’s going on in the office/on your computer. If you find yourself doing this regularly then you’ll probably be drastically affecting your work rate.

If you’re looking to progress within the company that you’re working for, then you need to make an impact and prove that you’re a hard worker. So allowing silly things to distract you will not do you any favours and is actually a really bad habit to get into.

Not Listening To Constructive Criticism

Criticism is a good way to progress believe it or not, – if no one pulled you up on ways to improve then how would you learn from your mistakes?! But a lot of people can take constructive criticism badly and not listen to it. This can be a damaging bad habit because there’s nothing more annoying to an employer than an employee that keeps making the same mistake again and again.

So make sure you listen to your criticism and keep a notepad to hand where you can note down any ways you can improve. Remember, the more you improve the more likely you’re going to get yourself a promotion!

So there we go; five bad work habits you never knew you had. These can really help you improve in the long run!

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