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4 Ways To Make Yourself More Employable Whilst You Are Unemployed

Sitting around, feeling sorry for yourself during your job hunt is only going to make you feel unmotivated. Instead, you should be bettering yourself ready for your next position. Keeping yourself busy and developing your skill set further will only make you more employable. Although you will have a gap on your CV, it doesn’t mean you can’t fill this gap with key experience and expertise.

We have put together some tips to help you make yourself more employable, whilst being unemployed:
Build your portfolio

If it’s a creative or digital role that you are searching for, you may be required to provide a portfolio of work when applying for the job. Whilst you have some spare time, try to invest some of it into perfecting your portfolio. By developing your portfolio, you are maximising your chances of getting an interview by showing off what you are capable of. If you spend too much time applying for jobs and you don’t have any work to show, it’s likely to disadvantage you. What’s more, you could try out a selection of online portfolio/blog sites and by getting your work out there, you might just get headhunted.


Work Experience

There’s no harm in gaining some work experience whilst you are unemployed. Not only will it fill the gap on your CV and help you gain a selection of new skills and experience, but it will also keep you occupied whilst searching for a job. Work experience can be the perfect gateway to employment. Showing off your skills whilst working voluntarily will give you the opportunity to show off your talent and motivation to an employer. If they are impressed with your performance, they may even decide to take you on as a permanent employee. This gives you the opportunity to test the waters and see whether you like it.


Workshops / Events

Use your free time to attend many workshops and events that may be happening in your area. You may find out some interesting things during the events that could really benefit your career. These workshops and events provide the perfect opportunity to network with professionals in your sector. Just by conversing with someone during the event, you could build relevant connections that could massively benefit your career. Some workshops are really good for working on your professional skills such as handshakes, body language and interview preparation. Although they seem like minor skills, they could be the key ingredient to bagging that dream job.


Keep Learning!

Whilst you have some free time, why not use this time to learn. Learn a language, learn to code, learn to use Photoshop and so on. You might have always wanted to learn something and never had the time, so do it now. By learning a new skill you could immediately become more employable. If it’s something that you end up being really good at then it could just open doors to lots of new career opportunities. Go to the library, borrow some books, further your knowledge and keep learning. This will make you excited to start your next position and apply what you have learnt.


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