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4 Steps To Prepare For A Video Interview

Over the past year, the most common type of interview is in video format. Video interviews are conducted from the comfort of your own home and are sometimes pre-recorded or in person. However, with this, comes a new set of challenges that candidates may not be used to.

To help you prepare for your next video interview follow these four steps:

Step 1: Revise company and job

Before any interview (video or in-person) it is vital you know everything there is to know about the company and job you have applied for. Brush up on your skills and write down key points in terms of challenges and achievements you have experienced in past roles. In the interview, these will be great starting points to help trigger your mind with work-related examples.

Research the company and find out the history of the company, the markets they operate in as well as their company values, mission statement and workplace culture.

We have some great advice on how to answer popular interview questions, find them here.

Step 2: Determine interview format

Will the interview be live or pre-recorded? Make sure you know for definite the type of interview yours will be. Here’s the difference:

Live video interview – The interviewer will ask you a set of questions via a video software platform such as Zoom or Skype. It will take place in real-time and can be a one to one interview or panel style interview.

Pre-recorded video interview – A pre-recorded interview means you will be given a set of questions you must answer within a certain time frame (usually a few days). Once you’re ready, you can login to the platform the interviewer uses and record your answers. The interviewer can then assess your video response at a time that suits them.

Remember before you hit record there is no interviewer on the other side of the video so make sure you are confident in talking directly to your computer!

Step 3: Get situated

Before your interview starts it is important to tick off the following preparations:

  • Establish an interview backdrop

Find an area in your home that is quiet and free from distractions. Keep your background simple for a professional feel and remove any clutter that could take focus away from yourself.

  • Check internet connection

Having a poor internet connection can put your job interview at risk. A pause or glitch in connection can slow down the interview and you may start to feel frustrated.

Complete an internet speed test before the interview. If it’s not up to standard you have time to contact your internet provider and try and fix the problem beforehand.

  • Have notes in front of you

Prompt yourself with notes behind the camera. Write down key points you want to remember and place them in front of you. Just make sure the interviewer doesn’t see them and keep them within your eye line. What you don’t want is to keep glancing down during the interview!

Step 4 Complete a test run

Ensure your video interview will go off without a hitch! As you’ll be undertaking the interview at home it’s easy to practice beforehand.

  • Test your microphone and camera are in top working order and if you live in a noisy area you might want to think about wearing headphones.
  • Practice talking aloud in front of the camera.  Record yourself answering typical interview questions out loud. This can be useful to look back on to assess your body language and also to perfect your answers.

Remember the best way to succeed in a job interview is to prepare for it. It can take time to get used to a video interview format but with lots of practice, you will become a natural in front of the camera.


Good luck and leave a comment if you have any questions!

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  1. Bryan Sumner

    Very good article with useful tips!
    I think everyone will agree with me that interviewing online and live are two different things!
    I usually get very nervous at meetings, so the online format is better for me.
    It’s good that now almost all interviews can be done online!)

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