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3 Standout Benefits Of Undertaking A Placement Year

Undertaking a placement year during your time at university has many students debating their future plans. What do they do? Take a year out from their studies? Or dive straight into gaining that crucial experience?

Whilst some students may be more compelled to continue university and move on to their final year, the benefits of a placement year are completely valuable and should not be bypassed if possible. This is because they…

1. Increase employability

They increase your chances of getting a job once you have graduated. A year working within your chosen sector will provide you with the best possible foundation for your career. You’ll gain tons of knowledge and skills that will make it irresistible for future employers not to employ you as a graduate with experience.

For those graduates who did not complete a sandwich placement, walking fresh out of university without any relevant experience makes it very difficult to get a job. Most recent grads will find every job description requests a minimum of 1 years’ experience. This can feel impossible for some job seekers hunting for a graduate role that requests executive-level experience. (If you are in currently in this scenario read our blog on how to find a job with no relevant work experience).

So in order to get a head start in your job search a placement year is the perfect opportunity and essential CV addition.

2. Gain experience

A placement year is very similar to a graduate position. You will likely work in different areas and even departments to grasp a complete understanding of how everything works. Which of course provides you with a greater understanding of different roles and which areas best suits you. Helping you focus on the type of positions you would like to apply for in the future.

By doing so you will meet new people and work alongside colleagues who can help you learn and grow your professional self. Which is the perfect opportunity to connect and network with your co-workers. In the future when you are looking for a job it can be really beneficial to know people in the industry and re-connect, for valuable advice or potential job opportunities.

Not only will a placement year provide you with invaluable work experience, but it will also help you to understand the world of work. Immerse yourself into working full-time and the routine that comes with this. Don’t forget that this can also be a good opportunity to work abroad and engross yourself into new cultures and languages.

As well as all of that it gives you a break from the classroom and traditional university life with a chance to experience real-world working life.

Bonus benefit: You will get paid! A complete lifesaver before starting your final university year.

3. Gain an advantage in a competitive graduate job market

The graduate job market is fierce and competition is high. In order to differentiate yourself from the crowd, you need experience. This will give your CV a massive boost and lots of real-life answers to provide in a potential interview.

Don’t forget that many students, once they have finished their placement are offered a full-time position. They have successfully impressed the employer and can continue developing their career within the organisation. The possibility of a job post-university is a huge benefit to completing a placement year. It removes the stress of finding a graduate job and will get you straight into work.

Still considering a placement year or have any questions you’d like to ask us? Ask away in the comments below or on Twitter @BubbleJobs.


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