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3 Signs That Your Hiring Process Is Outdated

There has been so much excitement about the introduction of technology within recruitment; applicant tracking systems, AI chat bots, video interviewing and more. Since then, there has been a lot of dispute over whether technology can, in fact, replace the recruiter. In our opinion, the answer to this is obvious. No piece of technology can replace the power of the human touch.

On the other hand, technology can be used to improve and aid human decision-making. So in order to keep up with the ever-changing world of recruitment, it’s important to adopt some essential hiring tools to enhance your recruitment process!

Here are 3 signs that your hiring process needs an update:
1. You Are Manually Shortlisting Candidates

It’s time to step away from manually shortlisting your applications and leave these time-consuming tasks to the technology. Technology can sort through mountains of CVs in a matter of seconds and provide you with a much more accurate, ranked list of skilled candidates.

By adding automation tools to your recruitment process, you are saving yourself a significant amount of time. All of the hours that you usually spend sorting through CVs and analysing applications, can now be used to engage and interact with candidates. By increasing your engagement you can effectively make better hiring decisions by getting to know the person behind the CV. What’s more, by speeding up this time-consuming part of the process, you have the ability to respond to candidates quicker. All in all, you are delivering a much more positive hiring experience.

2. You Don’t Reconsider Past Candidates

When you have filled a position, it’s likely that you plan on keeping candidates data on file for other relevant vacancies. Although you have every intention of reconsidering that candidate for other roles, it’s often harder than it seems. Before the introduction of such smart technology, it was a lot easier for recruiters to re-advertise and source new candidates. This was due to the lack of accuracy within recruitment software and tools.

Nowadays, there’s no excuse! By using an automation tool, you can dig deep into your existing talent database and rely on the tech to send the candidates automated job emails. By reconsidering past candidates for your new vacancies you are massively improving and personalising your hiring process. You have already built rapport with these candidates and you already know what they are capable of, so don’t let the good talent go to waste!

3. Your Workplace Lacks Diversity

We are all biased in some way and sometimes this comes out in our selection process. Most of the time, we aren’t even aware of it but it could be seriously damaging our company reputation. If you are lacking diversity within your workplace, this may be the key reason why you can’t seem to attract candidates.

Using technology to shortlist candidates can help to prevent this. The smart technology can help to make you aware of the talent that you may have never considered interviewing before. For some unknown reason, you may have been put off by a candidate’s name, location, school, gender or other unknown reasons. Thankfully, we can rely on this tech to provide us with an accurate shortlist of relevant candidates based on their skills and experience rather than other discriminative factors.

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