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Top 3 Questions You’ll Be Asked In Your Next Job Interview

Interviews are always a nerve-wracking experience but it helps to be prepared. However, for your next job interview the more research you do beforehand the less nervous you’ll feel on the day (hopefully!).

We write lots of blog posts answering each individual ‘how to answer’ interview questions (which you can find here), but we thought it was about time to compile our top three more general interview questions, that interviewers LOVE to ask!

  1. Can you tell me about yourself?

Usually the first question you’ll be asked in a job interview. The opening question where your answer will set the tone for the rest of the interview. No, the interviewer isn’t asking you to give them your whole family history, or who your favourite football team is and what you like to do at the weekends… but instead they want to know more about your experience and previous work history. So keep your answer job-related.

A good approach to this question is to at first tell them where you have previously worked (or studied) and then talk about how the skills you gained there can be transferred over into the new potential role. When answering this question, keep it quite brief and provide more of a general overview and CV roundup rather than specific details. Which should be saved for questions later on in the interview.

Looking for an example answer? Find it here in our previous blog post.

  1. Why do you want this job?

So why do you want this job? Urm.. because you’re in desperate need of money!

Unfortunately, your answer can’t always be that easy and it probably won’t impress the interviewer. You’ll need to go into slightly more detail than that. Start off by expressing your interest in the role and its combined responsibilities. Then state how you think your relevant experience will benefit the job along with your skills. You can always finish your answer, by communicating why you want to work for their company, to really wow the interviewer!

Find an example answer here!

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Interviewers will ask you this question because they want to know what you consider to be your strengths and weaknesses. To understand how self-critical you can be but also how well you perceive yourself and the ability to assess your personal qualities. It can often be difficult to pinpoint an exact strength or weakness without coming across as arrogant or lacking confidence.

Example strength: “I believe my work ethic is my strongest trait. For each and every role and task, I have undertaken I always ensure everything is done to the best of my ability. This is down to personal pride and being unphased by hard work. If it means, late-nights or early starts, this doesn’t phase me as long as the end goal is complete.”

Example weakness: “I used to find it difficult to let go of control when working on projects. As this often required additional help from my colleagues. I felt like if I had complete control I could take the work in the direction I wanted. Whereas I quickly realised this is not an effective method in developing new ideas and concepts – my vision was tunnelled. Once I overcame this, my work improved, and we as a team became closer and more effective at reaching deadlines and producing high-quality work.”

Find out how to answer this interview question in more detail here.

So good luck in your next job interview and remember to at least prepare for these three questions we mentioned! But if you’re looking to further your knowledge, brush up on your answers to these questions below!

In your next job interview watch out for these questions also!

“Why do you want to work here?”

“What can you bring to this role?”

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