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3 Achievements Worth Mentioning In Your CV

What achievements can you mention in your CV? You once came first in a 10m swimming race? You can recite the whole alphabet backwards? Whilst impressive to some… these are not exactly job application worthy achievements.

Instead, we have composed 3 suggested topic areas. Designed to help jog your memory and guide you towards mentioning your most worthwhile achievements.

Result focused achievements

Numbers and evidence are what recruiters love to see. If you can provide the results it will ‘back up’ what you have previously mentioned in your CV, validating your skills and experience. Hiring managers will then be able to understand the true extent of your capabilities and assess the impact you will have in terms of numbers in the potential new role.

Management example: Identified room for improvement and introduced a new system to delegate tasks within the team more effectively. Productivity rose and employee efficiency increased, with each team member completing their workload on average 2.5 x faster than previous methods.

Marketing example: Constructed a social review and rebrand which saw campaign engagement levels increase by 21% per average post.

Business development example: Ability to build long-lasting client relationships through trust and communication. Which in the past 6 months led to 5 key clients signing up for long-term contracts.

Career achievements

Is overall career progression your proudest achievement? For some, this is the obvious answer. Particularly if you have experienced recent promotions and career development.

Role improvement example: Going above and beyond to learn, experience and ingest everything there is to know about the business. This initiative and proactive approach resulted in a promotion and the opportunity to take on more responsibility.

Project success example: Planned, produced and finalised 3 aligning projects to a high standard. Going above client expectations and reporting results to key stakeholders up to a board level.

TOP TIP: Remember to keep your achievement description brief. You need to save something for the interview! Especially when you’re asked, “what has been your biggest achievement?”

Personal achievements

A different approach could be to mention more personal achievements that are less focused on the job. For example, do you participate in charity work or are there any other out of work moments you feel particularly proud of? These are still relevant to your job application and will be worth mentioning.

Charitable achievement: Highly involved in helping a local animal shelter. Spending my free time volunteering and raising money for the organisation. Having recently run a charity race I raised over £500 to help rehome the current pet residents.

Award examples:

  • Recognised as the top-performing sales executive in January 2019.
  • Achieved the 2018 technology innovator award. Recognised for the outstanding contribution to automation and AI in recruitment.
  • Awarded ‘Student of the year’ during my final university year. Credited for my dissertation research and class attendance.

Where in your CV do you mention achievements?

So where exactly do you mention all of these achievements? There are a couple of different places it would be appropriate. The first one is in the work experience section, underneath your role responsibilities. Placing them here will really emphasise your ability to complete the tasks well.

Another option is to place your achievements (or achievement) in its very own section. But it’s completely up to you. If you have an achievement that you want to use to emphasise your ability, such as work experience or education history then add it here. Whereas on the other hand, if you feel it doesn’t really fit anywhere place it in its own small section next to your hobbies and interests.

Hopefully, by now you have a better understanding of how to incorporate achievements in your CV.

But if you are still a little unsure or have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments or on Twitter @BubbleJobs.

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