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11 Things To Avoid In Any Interview (at all costs)

Well done you, you’ve landed a job interview! The job application process is over and you have moved on to the next stage. Job interviews can be a scary prospect for any candidate but it’s important to keep your cool and prepare beforehand. Whilst we have lots of advice on how to ACE a job interview (which you can find here) we haven’t given you much information on what NOT to do. So here you go, 11 things you will need to avoid in an interview setting.

  1. Being late

    Don’t ruin your job chances before you even step foot into the interview room! Being late looks unprofessional and sometimes rude! So to avoid this, plan your route to the interview beforehand, get an earlier train or bus and give yourself plenty of time.

  2. Little to no research on the company

    This is something you can’t ‘wing’ in your answer. The interviewer will be able to tell if you haven’t done your research. Before your interview look at the company website, news articles and social media platforms to give you a greater insight into their company culture.

  3.  Avoiding eye contact

    To build a good rapport with the interviewer you must keep eye contact with the hiring manager when they are asking you questions. It’s simple to do and demonstrates that you are engaged and actually listening to what they are saying.

  4.  Providing very specific details within your examples

    When providing an example within your answer avoid being too specific. Yes, the interviewer wants to hear a believable answer but going into too much detail may detach away from the point you are trying to express.

  5. Mentioning other candidates

    Focus only on yourself. If you met other potential candidates in the interview waiting room, do not compare yourself to them in the interview, it will not reflect well on you.

  6. Badmouthing past employers

    Along with not mentioning other candidates in your interview, avoid mentioning past employers. Talking about them in a negative way will only suggest to the interviewer that you may be someone who will be difficult to work with.

  7. Taking your mobile phone out

    Leave it in your pocket or in your bag and keep it on silent! The fewer distractions, the more you can fully concentrate on the questions you are being asked

  8. Unprofessionalism

    Are you slouched in the chair or leaning on the table? If so this body language will be perceived as unprofessional and look like you don’t want to be there at all. Sit up, don’t cross your arms and instead reflect an open body language.

  9. A lack of confidence

    When answering the questions, your response should be spoken with confidence. If you aren’t confident in your answer, how are you going to convince the interviewer that they should be too?

  10. Robotic answers

    Memorising basic interview answers from your research and regurgitating them within the interview is not worth your while. It’s likely the interviewer has heard these answers a hundred times before. You can be easily forgotten because your answers show no originality which you need to create a memorable interview.

  11. Not asking a question at the end of an interview

    Never leave an interview without asking a question first! If you don’t it will make you look uninterested and demonstrate a lack of enthusiasm for the potential role. Ask about what a typical working day would look like for you or how they believe you will fit into the new potential team. To really showcase your interest in the job.


  1. Imogen

    I agree with all the above! There is never a excuse for lateness and not researching a company is just laziness, these were definitely my biggest no when I was a recruiter.
    From a fellow careers advice blogger this is great advice!

    1. bubble

      Thanks Imogen!

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